120,000 km BMW 7 Series maintenance, vehicle owners: the instrument Is faulty, did not dare to step on the throttle!

We know that there are many sensors on the Car, the main role of these sensors Is to monitor data that corresponds to the part, and it corresponds to these data to the computer, the computer and then send control signals, etc., and then let the Car It Is able to operate normally. If the data from these sensors monitored there Is a problem, there Will be an internal computer fault code, and sometimes there Will be tips and other instruments, to remind owners timely inspection.

A few days ago, a BMW 7 Series Sedan instrument Will show a fault, the fault tips are: engine coolant level Is too low! As the owner of the Car to know more, after the dIscovery of a pipe Is leaking coolant, in time to drive to a repair shop for maintenance, and the master said: instrument failure, did not dare to step on the throttle! Owners fear foot down and Will accelerate the reduction of the engine coolant. Shown below, thIs Car BMW 730Li.

After receiving the master Automotive vehicle, also see the questions dIsplayed on the dashboard, “the engine coolant level Is too low the green region below “prompt. The owners of master introduction, which means that the coolant level has fallen below a predetermined level, the sensor detects, no better engine temperature. Green arrow, it’s more than the total mileage of 120,000 kilometers.

Read fault tips of the instrument, to open the engine compartment master, first unscrew the lid from the cooling liquid coolant. The arrow shown in EnglIsh on a yellow lid max represents the highest coolant level, there Is not a clear shot min following the letter represents the minimum level of the cooling liquid, as long as the coolant level Is below the minimum level meter it Will prompt fault.

master introduced, under normal circumstances, the cooling liquid in use, only a little because of the lack of evaporation or the like, can be added when the maintenance. If the coolant Is mIssing too many words, the problem Is there Is leakage of engine coolant should be checked for the job. Sure enough, the master found the orange area of ​​the cooling water pipes leaking coolant in the figure below, and check out other places, there Is no problem of leakage.

ThIs Is how to repair it? Maintenance master recommended to the owners it Is: replace the root of a coolant tube.Meanwhile, the owner gave said the master chassIs abnormal sound, the master inspection found problems under support arm pouches, the ball Is no problem, only need to replace the new pouches can! BMW owners agreed to replace the water pipes and the lower arm pouches, master the next day put new accessories to buy back. Shown at the left in FIG new pipe; coolant leakage sites Is shown in the red region.

As shown in FIG lower, which Is removed to the master in question under the arm, the problem location Is pouches green arrows. Since the area of ​​the orange ball Is no problem, so only need to replace the pouches can be, the green area Is the new pouches.

FIG Under thIs contrast between the old sleeve. As shown in the green zone, sleeve installation Is a certain position, if the position of the sleeve Is installed wrong, it Is easy to Issue new pouches Will appear. Part maintenance and the BMW at arm’s not the same as described, interested riders can compare.

FIG indicated by an arrow, the new master has lower arm installed to the sleeve. Note that, in thIs case fastening arm sleeve when the master drove to the wheel alignment fastening, so that the angle of the arm in a normal state of tightening. In thIs case, the lower arm pouches not force during normal driving force when the support arm motion only.

After the aftermarket master these two Issues resolved, Will not have a problem when a test. Riders can simply look at thIs repair case, we riders after dIscovering faulty instrument tips, be sure to promptly find the cause of the malfunction, and troubleshooting! I hope you can help riders!