110,000 km BMW 730Li valve chamber cover oil spills, says the problem Is more common master!

In general, the sealing Automobile engine Is relatively good, the basic situation so much oil Is leaking or not occur. Once the case Is leaking oil or engine happens, we Will always be more concerned about the owner, for fear of engine big problem, because the engine overhaul Is not so easy! So, in thIs context engine design Will be more cautious, especially now that the engine, or very little leakage problem of oil spills occur!

However, even if the engine design, no matter how, in use, occasionally there Will be some minor problems. Of course, when many have suffered the same engine problem, the engine Will be improved next-generation design, the new generation of engines to avoid similar problems! Some time ago, a BMW repair master encountered a problem older engine oil leak, valve chamber cover oil spill problem, repair the master says BMW engine valve chamber cover oil spill problem Is more common!

just, Xiao Bian read the master of the repair process, the repair process Is not difficult to do, we passed a set of pictures to look at thIs repair process! The figure below shows, the BMW 730Li engine valve chamber cover oil spills, it has mileage over 110,000 km. Maintenance of master Is found during a maintenance engine oil in it, a new solution Is to change the valve chamber cover pad! After hearing the owner of the master said repair situation, did not agree on how to consider maintenance.

As shown in FIG case, the Automotive master valve operating chamber cover has to be removed, the plastic material, only the master again washed with a cleaning agent to clean. ThIs Is because the owners of the maintenance of the engine very seriously, especially less Carbon produced by the valve chamber cover!

of the arrow shown in FIG green, which Is removed aftermarket master valve and the spark plug chamber cover pad. Red arrow shown, cleaning agent which Is used in the valve chamber lid! Are generally used in Carburetor cleaner, it has a good cleaning effect of coke!

FIG lower, which Is a valve chamber lid above the spark plug wire harness! Because it blocked the valve chamber cover, so it Is necessary to remove! We can see it fineLine Is not surrounded, but one by one be revealed!

As shown in FIG lower, which Is the case of the valve chamber, in-line six cylinder engine, we can see that it Is substantially free of Carbon above, which said master that Is, the effect has been good with engine oil service! Orange arrow shown, which Is the exhaust camshaft; FIG green arrow, which Is an intake camshaft!

As shown in FIG lower, Automotive master has the new pad to the valve operating chamber cover installed! Master introduced, without mounting mat valve chamber cover sealant applicator can apply a small amount of butter thus facilitate installation!

FIG, the master starts aftermarket installation valve chamber cover! Master introduced when installing the valve chamber cover, fear Is put into the valve chamber cover when the valve chamber above mats crooked, which would result in the valve chamber cover Mifengbuyan problems arIse. So, after the master valve chamber cover onto the valve chamber, and Carefully examined the mat, to ensure the normal cushion, began to tighten the screws!

FIG case, the Automotive master valve operating chamber cover has to be installed, and just the spark plug should be changed, change of the master to put the spark plug !

Finally, aftermarket master to start the engine, check the valve chamber cover, oil leakage does not occur, the problem Is solved! Master introduced, basically valve chamber of thIs engine Will cover oil spills, require replacement of the valve chamber cover pad! But the new engine Is rarely such a problem! ThIs Is the master of aftermarket repair process Is relatively simple, we can find out the owner!