Zotye automobile Is not really “bad”?

As a public Motors domestic Car brand, sales also increased year by year, but some people say it’s not very good quality, some say the price Is too cheap, “Is cheap , no good goods “, also said the name was lIstening feel Is rubbIsh, thIs statement Is true, right?

Let me talk about the brand in the country Is a big brand, it Is not a small number of how many say it’s the quality of it, if it’s quality Is not good, people are not likely to produce these Cars, please do not put that in a mix of domestic and imported Cars and Car joint venture vehicle with the comparIson because there was not any sense.

Another Is their price, you think about it, a good quality Car joint venture, a little, then basically the price of 100,000 to 300,000, Zotye Car prices in U.S. are 50000-150000 of, the price Is relatively close to the people.

In thIs case it Is by individual, its quality Is actually quite good, except for some little ailments, there Is not much question, Who can say that hundreds of thousands, millions of Car there Is nothing wrong, as long as the Car he would more or less have some small problems, not as long as much of a problem, not a thing.

It Is further dIsposed in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Car be equipped with a top, basically have panoramic sunroof, large LCD screen in the control , leather seats (electric control), a start button, the multifunction steering wheel or the like.

Finally, say, you have not bought thIs Car, how do you? To comment on thIs Car Is good or bad, only opened up in order to know its advantages and dIsadvantages.