Zerocar car sharing vehicles Guide: New York Automobile Chi Chuan GE3

accounting mode

billing period night: 0.79 yuan / minute, day billing period (07: 00-21: 00): 0.99 yuan / minute

Note: 288 yuan / day cap, can not be used when the free length. Another support for long-term lease. When

before the Car

1, single Please select stroke amount sufficient vehicle according compared, power Is less than 30% Is not recommended;

2, to check whether the vehicle Is a charging state, and if so, then unplug the charging gun use;

3, the vehicle body to check whether scratches, if yes, to send pictures at a customer archive;

4, inspection vehicle Is there a copy within a driving license, a copy of the insurance policy (document bag), tripod (at the trunk), if not, please inform the customer; (not lorry charging gun. For a long time Car, please and customer service reservation)

5, inspection lights, brakes, and other windows if there Is an abnormality, if any, contact the customer service in a timely manner.

with a Car

1, press brakes “start button” start;

2, brakes Guadang;

3, press brakes handbrake;

further Car (parking)

1 closed windows, lights, air conditioner, wipers;

2, hanging “P” shift press “start button” button flame;

3, pull handbrakeParking; (the Car has anti-skid unnecessary loss)

4, rubbIsh taken away the Car, keep the Car clean;

5, close the door; (including about cab, trunk door)

6, the Car (Lasuo);

7 as outlets charging means, the charging request readily, allow other users Car.


1, has been flashing lights: first turn off, close the door to get off, click on the “lock up” on the system, re-unlock the Car.

2, Ding Dingding sound: Check whether seatbelts; whether the door Is closed; parking Is dIsengaged.

3, on the dashboard dIsplay key Is not detected: re-click “unlock.”

4, when the power Is less than 30%, recommended vehicle charge the vehicle, so as not to affect the use. As a result of power Is too low cause can not start the Car, the user needs to generate trailer fees bear. (: Charging near the system map as a rechargeable network, the user can use rechargeable ID “E filling station”, “Camel fast charge” software query pile PS.)

hidden skills

1, searching Cars route planning: after a successful Car reservation, you Will map plan the current position to the line outlets; whIstle to find a Car after arriving outlets.

2, further Car navigation network: to select the network of the Car click on the icon, select navigation (you can also choose to street-view)

3, members pay 120 yuan daily cap: the cost of the Car interface has estimated the system defaultPriority free duration. Free long as deductions are responsible for the daily cap of 120 yuan, then you do not check the free length of time.