Your car in the end who sold

“There Is no middleman to make the difference, volume ahead.”

“Everyone on all Car! “

all right like the living room watching TV and friends must familiar with these two words, 5 billion actor Huang Bo screaming, shouting,” everybody Car ” sound Is not an ordinary magic.

“does not make a difference,” thIs can be described as win the hearts!

all Car “Is bankrupt”

However, the outlet to the quick, too fast forwarding.

was founded less than five years for all Cars, 2020 February 18, there Will be overwhelming News – everyone went out of the Car.

came one after another, “Everybody Car officially declared bankrupt,” “Everybody Car close to all sites” “Everybody Car funding strand breaks” and other News on the market.

Carefully grilled a steak, in fact thIs Is not the first time the Car came all the funds, personnel matters “crIsIs situation.”

the second half of 2016, all vehicles had large-scale withdrawal sites in the countryThe abolition of the staff situation. That time, there are media reports, the total number of city sites all vehicles within two months of the rapid reduction of nearly 50%.

in September 2019 and April 2019, the lack of funds Is difficult to open a new round of market expansion and business transformation, everyone has access to the Car E round of financing from the travel aspect and drops Didi travel help mediate the F round of financing, two rounds of financing totaling $ 500 million.

in September 2019 and October, everyone gradually close some small city Car sites should occur again.

give all the Car’s response Is that business Is not only shrinking, but also launched a partner program.

“bankruptcy” change “upgrade”

thIs time Is no exception.

all Car quickly Issued an official statement saying:

“The News are false News, there are people deliberately case propagation. everyone there Is no case of Car ‘bankruptcy’ ‘stop off’ ‘fracture of funds’, at present, all normal business operations, continuing to provide users with reliable Automotive transaction services. “

seeing, we must become a “farce”, knows actuallyHe became “own.”

all Car CEO Li Jian announced in 2020 the company’s latest strategy, force broken “bankruptcy” rumor. He noted:

1 for all Car officially launched the “New platform, new retail” strategy to upgrade, build partner system, and set up a 80 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) of special support. fund to help the partner to Carry out insurance sales income Car business;.

2 floor new retail stores, providing a venue, testing, pricing, preparedness, finance and after sales service as a partner, enabling partner;

3. the increase advertIsing efforts to build a comprehensive ecology from the transaction to maintenance, insurance, and extended warranty. style for a change, “bankruptcy” suddenly become a “strategic upgrade.”

Although a clarification, denied the bankruptcy, but the other side of the thin push partner system, thIs series of actions or release the signal “expansion pause, break gave birth rate” of.

There are some rumors, the provIsion Will come true with the provIsion of a ……

“how bold capital, used Car Is as big production.” the American Automobile Dealers Association show that since the beginning of 2012 US second-hand Car trading volume decreasing year by yearIncrease the market size of 7.94 million from 2012 up to 2019 of 13,821,900.

good used Car market development trend, actively promote Internet trading platform to enter thIs field.

Is driven by capital, between 2014 and 2015, second-hand Car business platform sprung up.

all vehicles, Is one of the products of thIs era.

April 2014, the company set up in New York, namely the early establIshment of a $ 5 million Series A venture capital financing from the red dot.

in December 2014, all vehicles Lei Jun announced by the Department of Shun to obtain capital and making the source of capital lead investor, B round of venture capital investment in the red dot with the cast of $ 20 million. in August 2015, all vehicles announced the completion of financing from $ 85 million Series C round of Tencent strategic lead investor, including the last round of investors, including Lei Jun, also with the vote. After thIs round of financing, all Cars valued at more than $ 500 million.

September 5, 2016, to complete the $ 150 million Series D financing, invested by Tencent.

September 25, 2019, all vehicles announced the completion of a new round of financing of $ 200 million. Round strategic investor Is to travel by bit. April 26, 2019, all vehicles announced that it has obtained $ 300 million in a new round of investment. ThIs round of financing led by Goldman Sachs Group investment, Tencent, and other pieces with the cast. Speaking of all vehicles, we must mention the inevitable seeds of used Cars and used Car excellent letter.

After several rounds of industry baptIsm, and the rest are the three pillars of the situation.

although everyone currently has six vehicle financing, but everyone has been close to a year without a new Car financing, in the past year, the success of rivals excellent letter used Car market, the seeds used Car financing $ 980 million.

in a market for the betterWhen everyone heard the Car several times negative, competitors have good momentum of development.

even if it Is not as serious as the rumor said, perhaps the really bad days too.

middlemen who “middlemen.”

of course, the rumor that there Is a market, mainly everybody business model of the company itself does not recognize. The reason

has been able to open the second-hand Car market Is that brokers do not make the difference, really no middlemen do?

compared to the excellent letter and seeds, and everyone in the Car on time, it should be dominant.

preferably used Car channel in September 2015 on the line, seeds used Car in March 2015 on the line, and all Cars have been on-line in early July 2014.

obtained excellent letter seeds and high finance, began to play the “advertIsing war”, everyone Is forced to join the Car, a lot of money lavIshed on the three platforms ads, Honglei spokesman, Wang Baoqiang Huang Bo on TV, elevator bombing.

According to iResearch research data show that in 2015 electricity used Car’s total advertIsing more than 800 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), advertIsing and marketing expenses related to 2016 to reach 12 billion yuan in 2019 a few large used-Car electricity supplier levelTaiwan breakthrough advertIsing costs by 50 billion yuan.

not so much a second-hand Car market has unlimited potential, rather, Is the result of overwhelming advertIsing brainwashing.

First, we need to be clear that before “everyone Car” who appeared, used Car transactions are digested by an acquaintance or middlemen of.

acquaintances, better said, but brokers Is great uncertainty, and thIs Is the main factor used Car price instability.

“Everyone vehicles” were also seized thIs pain Is precIsely the point in the propaganda strategy, making the “do not make the difference” slogan, great people.

but it seems not the same.

afternoon tea a king on the Internet chops grilled original water so deep ……

Some netizens said that hIs name one under the Roewe 350 sedan everyone hanging in the Car, then contact everyone connected Car sales, buyers and buyers cousin of the transaction.

can be completed the same day the transaction, the buyer cousin put thIs Roewe 350 sedan sold in the circle of friends, and it Is with my friends in the Car all Car show image.

ThIs …… have cast doubt on all vehicles earn the price difference, at least, Is to help brokers earn the difference.

In fact, thIs may be nothing secret.

2019, circulated on the Internet a Car everyone June results show that the total volume of orders for all vehicles in June for single-30817, B-side single amount of 13236 single, accounting 43% of the total amount of a single month.

In other words, nearly half of the Car sellers ultimately into the hands of middlemen, which may play a bit of a mean face.

In addition to personal vehicles sold cattle, brokers, etc., all buyers also may buy the Car terminal B -4S shop, brokers vehicles.

Therefore, the middlemen or brokers, but there Is no “other” middlemen make the difference ……

in addition to these invIsible “routine”, as well as service fees charged by openly.

Another netizen said, the total price of 71,000 Cars, all Cars back and forth even intend to charge him more than 10,000 fee.

Although nominally did yo make the difference, which Is the difference, what Is different? Ultimately they are passed on to buyers, for buyers, as Is the high prices.

face-lift called “service fee only” properly properly all win ah!

Of course, as business people, it Is impossible not to make money. But while charging high fees, while consumers spend less to show the image of the routine really Is deep.

After the madness, and the rest Is cool.

“Everyone Car” who experienced a crazy burn, large advertIsing war, have their own weakness.

behind rumor Is that the transition crIsIs, I believe that thIs Is a new round of “do not burn Will die, burn not be able to live,” the second-hand Car market reshuffle!