You know automotive marketing it? Come and learn how marketing Is a foreign car, right

Automobile marketing refers to Automotive market research, competitive analysIs and research, advIsing enterprIse production and management decIsion-making, and can be Automotive products marketing planning, brand Car marketing, Auto market promotion planning an industry.

foreign Automobile marketing mode

(1) foreign Automotive marketing concept of customer-centric, establIsh and improve after-sales service system, from a “sell Cars” to “selling services” to “sell the brand” across, “customer-centric, service and sales, in order to promote the brand to enhance the quality of service” Is the basic idea of ​​foreign Auto marketing. The early 21st century, the world famous Automobile manufacturers including the US General Motors, Ford, Toyota in Japan and so formed a customer demand-oriented marketing concepts. GM establIshed for different groups in different dIstribution channels and after-sales service system, providing customers with personalized service; Ford since 1999, trying to change the traditional way of selling into a mode of operation to meet consumer demand; Toyota raIsed the type of Care service concept.

(2) foreign Auto channel marketing organization since the 1930s, the world of Automotive products and more homogeneous, the Car tends to excess production capacity, so that the manufacturer Is no longer simply rely on technology but increasingly biased in favor of marketing to build competitive advantage. After years of development, foreign Auto industry has formed a relatively mature Auto market channels. At present, foreign representative Automobile marketing mode mainly American model, the German-based European model and the Japanese model 3 types.

① US Auto companies marketing model American Car dIstribution channel marketing model has gone through nearly a hundred years of development, gradually stabilized, developed into a leading manufacturer of dealer based franchIse dIstribution channel mode, the process of establIshing sales channels, manufacturers generally do not retail investors, the liquidity of the larger retailers. Major US Car sales model Cars stores, multi-brand specialty sales group, Automotive shops, Car road or a street Car.

② Germany based European steamCar companies marketing model European Car sales system Is based Car manufacturer-centric, dIstributors purchase directly to Automobile manufacturers and wholesale to retailers and agents to sell. In Germany, new and used Car sales in the same field, 4S stores and other sales model Is universal, the same manufacturer where the multi-brand same-store sales relatively more prominent. From the marketing idea, the German model pay more attention to human services, training a large number of “loyal customers.”

marketing model series sales of Japanese Auto companies ③ has been adopted by major Japanese Auto companies, Japan formed a unique “series of exclusive sales system.” Japanese Car companies have sales channels and independent dIstributors funded two kinds of circulation patterns. Japanese Car dealership sales model to the region represented business into new Cars, used Cars and after-sales service. Regional dIstribution headquarters in charge of brand marketing general a county, DIstribution headquarters under a number of branches throughout the county, with a full head office functions, including vehicle sales, used Car trading, maintenance, spare parts sales and other functions in addition to outlets sales outside the vehicle also has a simple maintenance equipment, to provide some common parts.