Yi Luan Tip: Do you know the car “eyelash” it? You begin to maintain it yet?

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When the rainy season, clean the wiper as the car “eyelash” is particularly important, then for “eyelashes” wiper car you know how much? Here follow Andy, take you through the car “eyelash” of those things!

wiper system is one of the major automotive safety devices, which can be raindrops and snowflakes falling on the window in the rain or snow to eliminate, splashed on the windshield when driving on muddy roads scrape the mud to ensure the driver’s line of sight, in order to ensure that the vehicle driving safety. In the summer, we can do the following maintenance!

Regular cleaning:

In addition cleaning glazing washing each time, so that the best car wash cleaning solutions clerk glass wiper strip, usually their own can also be dampened with alcohol detergent cotton gently wipe dirt on the blade, but the blade is not cleaned and soaked with gasoline, or blade will deform it from functioning properly.

sandpaper with water:

When the wiper blade wiper adverse, try the following method to see if it regain their youth: first windshield wiper blade separated, washed with water wet wiper blade, with a No. 800 abrasive paper mill to the wiper blade back and forth 4-5 times, then water back to the windshield clean. The principle of this method is mainly a small modification of the wiper blade by dust, temperature changes caused by heating and cooling with water sandpaper polished.

Anhydrous avoid dry wiping:

The primary use of the wiper blade is provided of course be used in case there is rain, can not dry dry wiping. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the rubber wiper blade and wiper motors

Andy Tips: How to choose high-quality wiper?

At present wiper blade on the market a lot, how to choose your car wiper, should note the following three points:

1, take a look at the specifications of the wiper blade model matches your vehicle;

2, the wiper material has reached the requirements;

3, check the wiper state: there is no swing flow, and wipers do not normally beat, rubber contact surface not completely bonded to the glass surface to wipe residual phenomena generated.

If you doubt yourself, we recommend you to listen Yi Luan professional advice to go back to the original wiper blade, after all car-specific, Exact match with the corresponding vehicle windshield, will not cause additional damage to the glass.