Yan high value automotive interiors, so that you have the car supercar breath

Automotive interior choices can directly reflect the quality of life and aesthetics owners, good interior Automotive able to integrate into our daily lives, not only can play the role of aesthetics, but also bring joy to the owners Mood. Modeling a variety of high-value color interior, very good to decorate the interior of the Car, but also give it a unique personality. Car ornaments

decorations on the center console Is always eye-catching, if there empty, always feel like what was lacking. If you can choose a beautiful ornaments for the Car, the Car Will be able to improve the environment. An exquIsite ornaments Is best to point the moral implication, not only can play decorate the Car, but also play a role bless.

According to thIs creative Car ornaments Cartoon image design Fortuna, face smile, naive, holding a gold ingot, meaning Lucky security and peace. To bring the slightest dull cabin angry, when travel can bring good luck to you. Tang whole new generation black interior layout, seating, etc. using advanced leather package. And equipped with a large-size LCD dIsplay screen, may also support rotated 90 degrees, and the abolition of all physical buttons on the console

Cartoon characters shape, small fine, placed on top of the center console Is not an area, do not block the driver’s line of sight, travel more secure. Bright colors, vivid expression, precIsion production Will portray the characters even more realIstic. Configuration, the Car Will provide a new multi-function shape of the three-spoke steering wheel, the whole liquid crystal instrument, the electronic shift lever, handbrake, and a main electronic copilot electric seat adjustment configurations. Tang Will use a new generation of Car layout seven pendant 2 + 3 + 2

Car ornaments have long become a Car culture, the driving time can produce a slight shaking or emit some small voice, alleviate boredom boring when the Car owners to avoid security rIsks. Buy Car accessories to consider Is beautifully compact, it can not block the line of sight of the owner, but also coordinated with the layout of the Car, more ornamental. Appearance, the Car uses BYD latest Dragon Face design language, with a large grill and sharp headlights LED group, theVehicle was very dynamic

elliptical shape, not only classic chic, and highlight your extraordinary tolerance; fine aluminum alloy material with classic laser engraving , wear-resIstant and durable, non-general to bring more vIsual experience for your driving. New tail using dynasty concept modeling, the through LED taillights stretched vIsual effect. New Car for the first time uild Your Dreams “logo, and” 4.5S “the 0-100km / h acceleration time also shows that the new logo Tang performance

ThIs Is a sleek models keychain, Cartoon hand design, ergonomic, and easy to fall. At the same time it contains built-in import chip in addition to static, static electricity can be effectively absorbed by the human body Is complete, eliminate static electricity to bring people’s sting a sense of Car perfumes power, the new Car Will provide 2.0T and 2.0T fuel-powered version of the plug-in hybrid version of the model, pure fuel version of the model maximum power of 189 horsepower (205 hp rated power),

only vIsual beauty, not enough to prop up the pattern of the entire interior, people refreshing taste to make people more satIsfied. Car perfume not only look good, but also to eliminate Car odor, so that the entire air journey more refreshing, and some also have a refreshing effect, so that owners have a good mood. combined fuel consumption of declared value, compared with 8.8L / 100km. the integrated maximum power hybrid version of the model Will be more than 500 hp, 0-100km / h Acceleration time Is expected to reach 4.5 seconds.

The alloy material, more comfortable feel, while its surface through the plating process, it seems more texture, prolonged use rust or oxidation. after soaking natural essential oils, fragrance more fresh and natural. people a steady breath, red and precIsely reflects the passion, when the stable with passion, then giving it a strong vIsual sense. warm . clear contrast to cool and the

surface after polIshing, grinding, and other professional electroplating process, and looks very shiny texture, and a long time Will not fade; incense stick using a special foam materialDo not worry perfume spill problems, it has a more lasting scattered incense time, less susceptible to corrosion.