Yan configuration of high value, comfortable and fuel-efficient, Avalon and brings good luck

Asian dragon he chose to feel lucky, a Car can really bring a good luck, you believe it? I believed anyway. Ever since the Asian dragon, I work, life really a lot of success, perhaps often said that a good mood, and consequently all right. Speaking of Avalon, I really could not help but praIse a few words, as Toyota’s flagship model, the design Is really in place, the configuration in place, space and comfortable place, fuel-efficient provincial place. 4..9 ThIs Is my current fuel consumption, it Is not high. Space, Mom and Dad sit in my Car a few times, Doukua it particularly comfortable to sit back say, I want to say, axIs moments of 2870 it was not blowing it. There are so many high profile was arrayed in it, there Is thIs all there Is a feeling it.

silver in the sun, more dazzling

a Car does not look good see side

A closer look at

Deluxe Edition, personally think that the most cost-effective

Looking forward from the

bIs engine, Is the future

under the blue sky, really super handsome

a hub

three headlights led formula

Attractive ah hub


seriously concerned about you

to a glittering back as in

Later on okay

just metYou

opened the 2300 km oh

beige upholstery, tall on

thIs Hear


door skin

one go

skylight, not the panorama does not matter

boss chair

electronic handbrake and several models

The power seat


well, first said thIs today, next time to continue to