Xiao Bian teach you how to install the car seat,

Two days before the Internet bought a Car seat, Auto 4S shop said that if not from him buy, install, then to $ 50, thought, or install it yourself. That Is saving money, but also exercIse ability. Installed a Car seat or a sense of achievement.

of course, Is to purchase a seat, and the seat to get to, first become familiar with the specification and installation methods installation, online stores and Will provide installation images.

Next we tried to install the front seat, the seat cushion Is mounted relative to the front simple. Before the first set into the zipper pull of the seat cushion from above the vehicle seat.

Next we plum dIsk and Car upholstery good elastic rope links, and then into the slot from the backrest to the seat, and the dIsc plum Pull out the middle seat back and the seat. ThIs Will play a fixed role. Figure

Then we again before the entire rope sets in the seat platform and front hook hooked on the chassIs, so the seat Is fixed well, see

installed the front seat, we must install a seat, the front seat mounted relative relative some trouble. First we have it in the middle of the back with the left and right sides of the backrest connected by a zipper.

We then put back pad plate plum connected, just like the front seat, the backrest and the seat to go into the connecting seam, see, Ksenia faceplate’s time to plug up or down, if you have ZhIsai words are not fit into, so there Is no effect of the fixed backrest.

Next we need to re-install the seat cushion, thIs relatively simple, the whole seat cushion plated on, the force of noose plastic sheet, to complete the entire cushion wrap. Figure:

Then we also connected plum dIsc plug gap, here again I pressed using an anchoring effect with a small cushion of the backrest of the seat on both sides, as shown below:

Finally, the overall effect of adjusting the seat, so that the entire seat Is now installed. We have to look at the overall effect after installed it. Other models of mounting a seat cushion should be substantially the same