World’s most expensive car, watching the shocked

on most domestic consumers, the Car was an elusive transport, perhaps that Is the way to explore the desert A Cardiac aspire to, but with the gradual policy deregulation and people increasingly satIsfied with the Western style and a mood of the day also began RV approached the general people. Mercedes-Benz saloon Cars as Mount Rushmore Spindt Car market of high-end housing, not destined to have a general life experience, with a luxury equipment and humane plan, are consIstent regal presence.

As early as 2014, a German designer Yi Ji ยท Kranj design of the world’s top touring Car Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo had caused a sensation in the West RV circle, thIs limousine and excellent industrial design she won several awards, was priced at up to $ 3 million, it has become the dream of many people RV. The debut in Nanjing Kranj RV and Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo limousine Although the front Is very similar, but it has a very big difference.

The Kranj limousine three-cabin design expand left from right, and the roof Is part of the attic as a casual observation deck and recreational use. Kranj Car advocate “Dare Is a natural first” brand philosophy, vehicle industrial design completed by the master of Kranj, who as BMW, Mercedes, Fiat and other brands to provide product design and world-class Automotive design master, a master in every Kranj last details have adopted the most user-friendly design, and ultimately form a complete independent intellectual property rights work, and create a domestic Car industry product design precedent, breaking the pattern of low-end industries patchwork.

reported that thIs vehicle design teams all come from Kranj hands of the world’s most expensive luxury Cars Will debut thIs EleMMent Palazzo Nanjing International Auto Show room price up to three million dollars (about 18.47 million yuan(CNY)(CNY)) Car 12 meters long, was ordinary in appearance and RV a big difference, but it Is also very consIstent with its superior social status, body coated with a glowing in the dark polIshed material, with to improve the safety of driving at night. Circular windshield avant-garde, but also for the owners to provide a good driving field of view, the lower semicircular grille Is also breaksIt combined the front face of the overall design.

The Car not only looks great deal of attention, the interior Is quite luxurious, the interior space of a standard 20 square meters, expanded version Is to reach 40 square meters. It includes a living room, kitchen, hidden bar, rain shower and bedroom, and these can all be customized private, so if you have money, then it should add a pool should not be a problem. Car Caravan to the space-age theme, the master bedroom decorated with a 40-inch TV, en suite bathroom, use of rainwater shower, separate toilet, lounge everything, the cab Is also stocked with a bunk bed, it Is also known as the “palace on wheels.”

In terms of functionality, thIs Car can also be connected to the mobile Internet, which has a fireplace, satellite TV installation, using streaming media monitoring system, Is the most impressive luxury “sky lounge “, just press a button, it Will pop up on the roof terrace cocktail bar. Beautiful skin suburbs thousands of people face, funny soul better than one, with the wind attack, Aioi spend, that youth has no intention to hang around, beautiful time, the Red Lengao dream, quietly mIss, feelings prodigal son, only to go on all Jiewei far. Palm convinced temperature never changes.