World HIstory: auto magnate – Ford

a 1870 winter, the train station in Detroit, a seven year old boy I first met locomotive, curiosity, so he offered to take a ride to the driver’s seat the conductor. Conductor Look at thIs boy, actually an exception to put him on the locomotive, the train and start for him. The child sitting in the driver’s seat, according to the whIstle too, “Wong! Wong!” Sound. The boy returned home, too excited to sleep at night. The next morning, he stole from the kitchen two water bottles, a place full of coal burned red, the other filled with boiling water, then hang them on the sleigh, sled while sliding on the ground, while shouting: ” Hey! locomotive coming! “

thIs naive and naughty boy would later become the United States’ Car king” Henry Ford. Ford was born July 30, 1863. HIs grandfather was IrIsh, moved to the United States Michigan Dearborn, rely on logging for a living. Father, William Ford, a young man had been a railroad worker, and later returned to Dearborn engaged in agriculture, grazing and planting orchards, forest reclamation. Ford forced to work from an early age by hIs father, but he Is very dIsgusted use hoes, chickens and milking more annoying that hIs life does not eat milk and chicken. But he grew up fascinated by mechanical.

seven years old, Ford into a local school, he only arithmetic done quite well, the bottom of almost all other all subjects, but he was naughty The village Is famous for. The whole family to see him go home, watch immediately hide, so he split was messy. The new tools bought the house, one does not watch out it was dIsmembered into a pile of parts. In hIs small bedside cabinet, neatly arrayed drilling machines, Quan knives, hammers, rivets, saws, bolt and screw cap, small Ford called them “secret weapon.”

On one occasion, Ford manufacture of small schools in the steam engine, the result of the explosion, hIs lips were cut, a classmate of head injuries, the school fence was also toppled. These things so that he was seven years old when the villagers called “ingenious.” The age of thirteen, Ford first met in the neighboring village trackless steam engines, steam and sprayed hIs face, thIs monster to hIs shock and vibration Is very large, or even determine the direction of hIs life study. At that time the nation’s approximately eight million horses, he said: “Riding Is like wearing no watch, like clockwork, the era of the horse’s long gone,”

was sixteen, Ford left home alone, to Detroit to become an apprentice. He first went to a factory, but only six days into the plant was fired because he can not be repaired workers who repaired the machine, caused a lot of dIssatIsfaction. The lesson from thIs incident he was: “No matter what, do not want to show it all they know.” Then he went to a brass factory gate valves made after learning, whIstle and bell, he resigned six months, he told a friend: “there has failed to learn the technology.”

Later, he entered a shipyard job in Detroit, where he had the enormous interest in the steam engine. Outside of work, he went to play with the steam engine components, and thinking about the huge steam engine, converted into a small, in order to meet the needs of small plants. Two years later, he left the shipyard, return home. As he worked, try invention on one side, hIs father’s old push mower converted into a steam engine tractor wood as fuel.

Ford Is a restless man, especially infatuation for steam engines. On one occasion, hIs wife of organ music in the back painted a picture of the internal combustion engine design, UnfinIshed he excitedly shouted: “! I design a Car constructed” thIs Is the music sketches the future as a T-Ford engine design Cars. In 1890, Ford Detroit EdIson Lighting Company to repair a steam engine, and also served as engineer thermal power machine sector. He used all the time to rest, prototype Car in a bunker, and finally in June 4, 1896 exhibition Ling completed the first of a four-wheeled vehicle manufacturing.

In the evening, the world drizzle, Mao Zhaoyu test him on the streets of Detroit, the Car started, one step, two steps …, success, a success. Ford Car trial a success. Then he was promoted to chief engineer of the EdIson Light Company power plants. Soon the past two years, the 1899 Ford test made No. 2 Car. ThIs year August 5, funded by the Mayor of the city of Detroit Meibei Li et al., Founded the Detroit Car companies, Ford became the company’s chief engineer.

October 10, 1901, he drove hIs Car to participate in the manufacturing of racing to win. AfterwardsHe Is committed to making large Cars. He often conceived through the night, drawing, made eighty horsepower of the new racing number 99, racing set a new record in the race in the nation. In 1903, Ford founded hIs eponymous Car company, has launched as eight different models of Cars, Cars from two to six cylinders, powered by eight horsepower increased to forty horsepower, body from the van to no canopy, really everything.

in October 1908, Ford developed the Model T was born. Model T nineteen years of continuous production, a total of more than fifteen hundred million vehicles, Car sales hit all-time record, winning huge profits for Ford Motor Company. The early twentieth century, Ford to become the world’s largest Automobile company, the Ford family has become one of the largest US monopoly capital consortium. Ford Car production and operation, adhere to the production of light Volkswagen, won the broad market. HIs idea Is to increase productivity management approach to lower prices, increase sales.

He also proposed standardization of the production Car, take the mail order catalog mail-order sales. He also continued to improve the production process. Once he vIsited a slaughter factory, very inspiring, so normalized by the creation of assembly-line production of Automobile assembly mode, create a speed ninety-three minutes the birth of a Car, which in 1910 was incredible. Ford’s production management and marketing strategy, setting off a hIstoric industrial revolution.

In 1927, due to the Model T could not be further improved, gradually fell behind, fell down on the Ford Motor Company Automobile production from the throne, second only to General Motors Corp. business. In 1943, Ford’s only son died Aidexieer annual session of the eighty already retired Ford back to work. April 7, 1947, at Ford’s luxurious mansion where, as usual, lIstening to hIs wife after the finIshed article, suddenly coughed, he felt a little headache. While, coughing stopped, hIs breathing stopped, stroke took hIs life.

Xiao Bian know, even in thIs day and age, Ford Is one of the largest Automobile manufacturers in the world hIstory. The continuation of centuries of brilliant business, although there have been quiet, but still survive to the present. ThIsInside reasons, by various experts, a large number of entrepreneurs are respected. Little friends, you feel, Ford Motor count as a great company it?