Women Buyers guide (a)

Text / VW Car Kan He Xin

nice Yeah thIs day and age, to improve the status of women in all aspects of a straight line.

One manifestation Is the right to speak at the Consumer girls growing up, as if to grasp the female shopping psychology, mastered most of the American people purse.

do not believe you can see all kinds of businesses now come up with the shopping festival, not all women do to please the fancy from copywriting to all aspects of product design, etc.?

So today, wanted to finIsh through 520, come to talk about the women shopping, of course, because we’re the Automotive sector, Will talk about thIs girl Is how to buy a Car, choose a Car better.

Tips: ThIs girl Buyers guide survey data sources Xiao Bian circle of friends, the dIstribution of ages 20-40 years old, so thIs guide practical guidance Tell me please its sole dIscretion, final interpretation All rights owned by the small series.

Object One: Pen, 20 years old, a well-known university students

level of understanding on the Car: general (determined by thIs small series can be said to be ignorant)

intent models: None

selected Car concerns: appearance> all

first, in small series, due to the young age of Pen has not been in the community were born, not experienced bloody like a social reality, not realizing how hard money Is one thing, so for the price of awareness Is not strong, relatively naive idea.

Moreover, Pen obvious just like the original small series, as a small white Car, choose a Car benchmark Is only one: good-looking.

configuration? performance? Manipulation?

joke, fairies do not Care about these.

A guide: not started making money for the Car white, the color value of a Car Is the most influential factor.

objects II: bye, 25-year-old New York a game company advertIsing

to understand the extent of Car: medium

intention models: Porsche Parra Meira

concerned with choosing Cars point: cost> appearance> space

the intention of the students selected Car models with the most concerned about the cost seems a bit contradictory ah? Maybe thIs Is the ideal and the reality of it.

proved, as “New York women’s field guide” the real version, bye has been acutely aware of money Is not an easy thing, though really like Porsche Parra Meira, but from a practical point, she valued most cost-effective, because too expensive to afford. The second Is the appearance, do not know Is not because of the male hormone to stay relatively heavy gaming company, she prefers a stronger sense of machinery, motor and sensory appearance of bias, and finally she hoped interior space Is not too small, just like the big reason.

Guide II: in fact there Is a certain type of consumer Is the real income of the main force of consumption, however, for a little girl who knows a little Car, they also the election to choose to play the spirit of cosmetics Car manufacturers to please them Is not easy, oh.

Object III: Dandan, 25 years old, a New York company’s financial rIsk control

of the Car to understand the extent of: zero

intention models: lIsten to my father’s

selected Car concerns: Dad likes> appearance > price

the students of the Car can be said to know nothing about it, and absolutely no desire to buy a Car. But while they do not buy a Car, but as her only child Is likely to parentsExchange a new Car, choose a Car so her concern Is her father’s favorite, but it seems the girls are all color control, although for Cars do not understand, does not prevent her appearance to become the second most important factor in choosing Cars, the last Is the price after all, filial or to within their tolerance limits in.

Guide III: Sometimes, your eyes of consumers are not really the consumer, there may be behind her father. So for manufacturers, some women have to consider what the Car’s real needs are, so as to better remedy. And now women earn higher and higher, they are still very purchasing power of a consumer group.

Object Four: Yujie, 34, housewives

for Cart Learn degree: old open Car

intention models: Golf

selected Car concerns: appearance> good opening> price

Yujie said, because she wanted the children to school like every day, no Car Is very convenient, so she wants to help her husband to buy a Car, budget price at around 200,000, it does not matter what model, Yujie like to like. (Husband of someone’s home has never been dIsappointing)

Yujie represents liked golf, because one day on the way to see, feel thIs model look very pretty, very close their likes, while golf Is also very appropriate for girls to open, but also easy to pick up the child, word of mouth Is also good, quality also can be, so we chose it.

Guide Four: For these women, consumption, money Is capricious. In fact, the appearance of thIs factor was ranked in the forefront of concerns, taking into account the use of the Car Is mainly pick up the child, daily purchases, so good opening, practical and safe, among other factors are within the scope of their consideration for manufacturers who want to to seize thIs kind of consumer psychology, it Is necessary to master the mother and girls like both.

Object five: BritIsh sIster, 40-year-old, nowDidi Car driver

to understand the extent of Car: Medium

intention models: Buick GL8

election Car concerns: price> space> appearance

BritIsh sIster has more than ten years of driving experience of older drivers, so for the Car Is still relatively understand. Due to the special nature of the BritIsh occupation and then sIster, so she considered the election was the first Car to meet the requirements of the Car drops, after the conditions are met, of course, price Is the primary consideration. BritIsh sIster prefer commercial vehicles, the Buick GL8 now a high sales volume, but she knew a lot of drivers have bought thIs model, the BritIsh sIster Will choose thIs model, and from the appearance and space have performed well, and now she very satIsfied with thIs Car.

Guide Five: If you are working as a Car, for thIs type of consumer groups, the importance of the appearance of the fall, Will increase the importance of cost-effective, but the subconscious girls still can not seem to avoid the nature of color control, cost Will still make some compromIses Yen value.


the first phase of the female Car buyers guide here almost, from the above survey thIs point of view of five women, in fact, they can still represent the major types of female clients on the market today, and every class of people’s preferences, circumstances are different, however, much in common Is a high probability that girls “vIsual animals”, the importance of appearance in each category are high. Therefore, the final conclusion of the first phase of irresponsible women Car buyers guide that Is: good looking Car Is not too bad luck oh.