With the popularity of the car, let you block to be terribly upset!

With the popularity of the Car, more and more people are driving to work every day on the Car. Xiao Bian sitting day, millions of Cars – from work on the bus, watching the Cars crowded the streets every day, Xiao Bian heart Is a burst of panic. Just want to curse these Cars, but bold person who counsels small series vehicles in fear Zhibuding from which came out a few black people or something. Do not think small series of imaginative, and now a lot of people who are low-key children, maybe people are still sitting in Wuling Hongguang rich too! Xiao Bian can not dare touch these chiefs.

Since there low-key man child, then there are high-profile people children, but does not account for the majority. So, ah, now there are still many people think that Cars such as the parade. ThIs does not, there Is a film in India recently to specifically around thIs phenomenon tells a story of fatherly love. ThIs Is a film about education, interested parents can go and see. Although small series has not a mother, but decided to go and see, after all, the Indian film so hot. April 4 release of Oh! Hee hee!

Well, back to the topic. Xiao Bian feel that the popularity of Cars because of the high demand for people’s economic situation also grew. According to the report, by 2019 a significant reduction in Car prices, which Is also one of the reasons the popularity of the Car. Of course, thIs situation Will inevitably result in some inconvenience factors, such as severe traffic jams, exhaust gas pollution of the environment and so on. Therefore, according to thIs situation, I am very clever people Issued share large heavenly bike, and thIs Is only our shared bicycle accident not spread to foreign countries. However, the shared bike while solving certain environmental, health and other Issues, but also for a variety of shared bicycle spate in the streets, leading to severe flooding now shared bicycle, anytime, anywhere to see, can ride go. ThIs Is not the only, thIs phenomenon also reflects the quality problem of our people as a whole, many people feel not even think about their own people get the idea, the two-dimensional code shared bicycle scratch, buy a lock to lock, more worse still shared bicycle directly home, or directly to the Car seatChair to take down the bad behavior and so on.

After many cases thIs treatment We did get a little improvement, but still could not get rid of the underlying problem. Perhaps in the future there Will be the launch of another product, but who can guarantee that the product Will not be new problems of it, it really worth to be thinking. In fact, we do not have to worry, after all, every product appearance Will bring some negative Issues, the advent of the next product Is to solve thIs problem, so the cycle, but the truth of nature and society nothing.