With straight men to drive in movie theater Is a kind of experience?

Yesterday, I took a straight man went to the movie theater …

We are still ambiguous period, in order to pierce the windows of paper as soon as possible, I launched a Car cinema date …

in the comfortable “viewing” attitude, my father took petty theft of Car keys – a 2019 Cadillac XTS. 2.0T high-power version, less than one year of age of the vehicle, generous space, sofa-like seats, Bose sound fast hardware, but also the Car with my mother a hint of pear Zuma Long Britain and freesia perfume , stick to stay! 2019 paragraph

Cadillac XTS

the day we went to a few people, probably the week’s sake, but also the entire fifty-six vehicles only. No Car in front of the screen, in order to see clearly, I drove to the top.

“eh? How come you came to the front to open?” Straight man forced to look ignorant. “You are so open front, a Car Will shake up the back of people have not seen it?”

“Crash! … You’re a straight man. We look at the film, and so the atmosphere to the then she says. “I hurried to appease.

then? Then there Is no then the.

What? You say you came to look at Cars earthquake?

Sorry, we conduct a number of public Car, Xiao Huang Wen god of horses most Will not write. Below us, say … Car culture cinema.

remember the first time I know the movie theater, in the “New York Love Story” in, then the male Is sitting inside the Car think about life, gave me the feeling that, so watching movies, good cock. TelevIsion show called Maple Garden Car cinema, which Is New York’s first Automobile theater, opened many, many years, “Northern Ireland” complete it with the fire.

speak truth, movie theater Is the most attractive place you in a very own space, enjoying in front of the big screen. No one bothered, you can chat with co-pilot friends, you can also watch movies, answer the phone, of course, can also love the atmosphere enough to drum a palm.

HIstorically, Car theater regarded as the most representative of American cultureSymbol, but with the rIse of the Automobile industry really does not matter. The first drive-in cinema appeared in 1933. It Is composed of NJ RichardM.Hollingshead founded in hIs backyard. With the popularity of such entertainment leIsure Car quickly swept across North America, thus becoming one of the important cultural characterIstics.

Richard.Hollingshead’s first drive-ins opened

But you know what? Behind thIs great invention was derived from the lazy and take advantage of. Although Richard businessman, not wealthy, in the Great Depression era of always hiding in the shadow world of escapIsm. Thus, a chain of questions, and movies have to take the kids (he would not take him to downtown), but he Will still bring the child to trouble, so movies have to bring a nanny, but he do not want to nanny also buy a ticket … problem facing almost the whole world Is facing, how to best of both worlds?

do not want the so-called inventor businessman Is not a good father, Richard finally with a Rudan, an old-fashioned radio with a 1928 Kodak projector, to solve thIs worldwide puzzle – movie theater in hIs backyard was born.

May 16, 1933 Richard.Hollingshead get the number of US Patent No. 1,909,537. In June, he opened in Camden, New Jersey home theater its first Car, he used a white stone wall as a background screen, opened a Car can accommodate 600 theater.

at the time charges were $ 0.5, including movie tickets and parking fees. HIs slogan reads: “. Bring your family here You’re warmly welcome no matter how naughty your children are.” (Bring the whole family to come together, regardless of many children Is still noIsy welcome.) It also does not win bear few parents of children of all ages, every weekend, a bunch of middle-class families, parents Will take their children to the movies bear. Interestingly, the movieBefore you begin, parents always let the children sit in the front row, perhaps to their own intimate facilitate it.

By the 1950s, movie theater has become a symbol of American culture, but also to the prosperity of its B-movie grow and develop. Low cost B movie, explicit images, straightforward plot, the audience becomes the perfect companion to spend time. It also let it become lovers dating resort, more and more young people are choosing the Car cinema dating, intimacy, pass the time. Bloody terror, eclectic picture of B movie lovers most welcome, of course, welcomed by men.

50s American movie theater, B-grade films

Here, Wen Qing teach you a comparIson of movies posture – sitting roof. Think about it, in a good weather night, the breeze was blowing, you sit in the roof, watch movies, look at the stars, look at her, how beautiful. ThIs viewing posture in advance to accept FM’s next app in the phone, otherwIse, you can only watch a silent film looked at each other in the middle.

Of course, if you come in addition to the movies with hIs girlfriend, as well as other purposes, we are all adults, you know, I do not have to teach, remember to eat before kIss like chewing gum.

I remember one time, I took my wife to the movie theater to see “Transformers” are seeing Optimus Prime Megatron dry when the vehicle in front of the Car suddenly lit up, everyone’s attention moment are concentrated in that part of the ups and downs of the Car. It Is estimated that the Car two people love to the depths, blowing hot and cold, when the girl’s head hit the reading light switch …

Since it Is a movie, how little had snacks. During the viewing, someone Will shuttle between selling Cars, “hot dog, cola, popcorn, beer, peanuts and mineral water.”

in the 1950s the United States, too, man they took the girl to the movie theater, a head thing, how can “eat hot dogs after eating you” only thinking.

cinema Is a relatively private matter, need to dim lighting, comfortable support Is needed, of course, need not trouble a companion. In hIs Car watching the movie, thIs way of life Is in Europe and America,Also very American. Night came, a Car, a movie, the best time, just so.

But along with movie sound and picture technology constantly upgrading, Car cinema but also because they can not meet the demand gradually reduced. ThIs may be Why the Americans did not seem theater feeling for the Car. The pen point was somewhat unfortunate.