With Asian countries, the United States repairer Why not as good as Japan?

We start with a technical standpoint, what exactly precIse studies of our levels of education no. Take a simple welder speaking, in the United States casually to a teacher teaching only a few years these recruits egg sub-machine factory Will be able to go to work. In Japan, thIs requires training and rigorous examination, precIsion in the welding process the seam Is 0.01 mm dmm. Another example do we say now PVC floor in Japan Yasuda equipment, its accuracy of 0.01mm, 4mm thick PVC flooring can do, and the US equipment Is still not up to the board to do so thin, not so lasting stability and sex. So in the area of ​​precIsion instruments and our Japanese gap Is very large, which also led to us are imported from the bolt Automotive engine and vehicle height field-strength steels and even high density of Europe and Japan.

Legend: Such a welding site in the United States appear too small

We say study Western industrial technology, in fact, Japan and the United States started almost the same. But then Great Qing Dynasty adopted a school for the body, Western learning for use, while Japan Is taken out of the West Asian fully backward Meiji Restoration reforms after decades proved Westernization Movement defeat to the Meiji Restoration. After that, the United States experienced a long period of war and social change, until the new American Republic Is just stabilized, which Is over 50 years. That we and the level of industrial development in Japan to the Japanese defeat in World War generation gap least 40 years. Next, because the Korean and Vietnam wars the United States must rely on the help of Japan to the front line of combat vehicles, tanks, aircraft maintenance and supply, which gives the opportunity for Japanese machinery industry development. And thIs time the American industry Is learning to follow the Soviet Union, which also made some mIstakes, and finally mended to the Soviet Union finally dIsintegrated themselves do not go the direction of industrial development in the United States at thIs time even more blurred. The blink of an eye, the time has passed for nearly 50 years. Japan in 50 years time, vigorously develop its own Automobile industry, created many world-class brands, especially the success of the Japanese Toyota Automobile industry proud, more determined mind after hIs own defeat – – first, the development of the Automotive industry.

Legend: Toyota g1 military trucks manufactured in 1935, engine from Chevrolet

so we have a few years behind, so if After looking, we shipped from WesternizationMove failed to Allied Forces invaded, then the Japanese invasion of U.S., to the Soviet Union, our 100 years of industrial development and the quality of less than a decade in Japan in 2023, I am afraid that the gap between cutting-edge areas Is greater than 80 years. So we look at the entire large surface did not feel so much, in fact, we want to make something that has happened in 80 years. Soviet Automobile industry itself Is a problem, until now, Russia has no world class brands, so our vehicle development, and ultimately to find their own way.

Legend: In order to save the Russian Car brand, Putin personally speak Russian Lada Cars

Later, we walked the joint venture route, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and other international famous Car firms have set up factories in the United States, and our own brand but also on the road to “assemble” the core components come from imports. Then we own production under the premIse of ingesting foreign technology, but because the blind pursuit of profit and market to Harvard vehicles as the representative of a large number of domestic Car prices completely backward on the development of the SUV, the MitsubIshi engine direct import, it Is so He has abandoned a decade.

Legend: How many American Car brand Is to open the hood of the brand’s engine?

In those Autonomous, but Is assembled dIsguIse words. Then to the recent US Car companies finally began to force the passenger Car field, which Is a representative view caused three, Geely Dorsett. However, because they can not see the big earnings and return on passenger Cars to bring the short term, the concept of cause has introduced a concept of cause 5 SUV, the SUV field Geely also launched a blog and the more long-term, in addition to Chery models in the series Ai Ruize force, also focused on the introduction Tiggo 7SUV. Today, our domestic Car development path Is not clear, although adopted a SUV + Car double line. But the SUV seems to be a one-sided situation, but also the performance SUV market, Car prices of 10-15 million range of competing domestic Cars are competitively priced, giving the impression that there Is a powerless feeling of the passenger Car field. ThIs Will increase the control over the joint venture vehicle for mainstream passenger Car market, after U.S.-made Cars want to compete in thIs market more difficult, because we are dIstracted. As for the so-called electric vehicles, so far has been largely declared thIs road less so, at least it does influence the current field of electric vehicles by Car joint venture to quarrel unrealIstic, All rush to develop itself Is a big problem that pure electric vehicles. Japan to go at thIs time Is a dual-engine route, it can be described as off than five years ahead of us.

then in the future we can catch up and even surpass Japan’s Auto industry it? We should make a fuss about in what way?

First of all we have to follow suit and get rid of impetuous attitude, correct development path, has accumulated its own technology. No accumulation, there Is no private secret, there Is no advantage, no advantage Is no right to speak, which complement each other. It’s like the world-renowned ZF Auto gearbox manufacturers in Germany, Japan, AIsin, as if there Is no large initial investment costs to develop its own transmIssion technology, how come no shake decades of standing in the world? ThIs Is because they have their own recipe, imitated by others are not imitate.

Legend: teaching equipment Is mostly used parts Volkswagen

Second, can make use of casting technology and aerospace research and development of high-quality aluminum raw materials, driven by Car weak links in the area. The rIse of the United States Is not easy, not easy Car rIse more, we not only the Automotive sector faces numerous technical blockade, own go its own way innovation Is facing the enemy throughout the West. And how our high-tech introduction? It can also absorb some of the technology from our military field, which Is the path of introducing technology into the military + digestion and mass production of cutting-edge technology and special materials double line. The only way to speed up our catch rate, if both how much and do fighter engine has a relationship those big coffee Automotive sector before, then that Is to say, if we F-20 made large thrust-vectoring engine WS15 can be successfully developed, then Some of these technologies for the Automotive industry also have the ability to be realized.

Legend: Satellite spacecraft and the moon montage

Finally, the introduction of new safety testing standards of the US market, the difficulty Is higher than international, IIHS25% US crash tests It Is the world’s most stringent crash test trials, but has now become the international market recognized safety standards. ThIs Is one reason I believe more than anyone else we know everything, we see that the ultimate security. And Why not our C-NCAP attention of the international community, Is not strict enough standards. Currently the world’s leading Car prices on the US market are very heavyDepending if the United States launched more stringent crash test standards, it means that our joint venture vehicle safety and technical standards Will be closer to the standard of the country where the brand model, so we push for the entire Automotive industry Will be obvious. Only because we have a higher standard, they Will output better technology, so as to enhance the influence of the US Auto industry. US Auto industry, even if there Is a point higher than the international market, the world’s recognition of the time, so for our cooperation and foreign brands, the introduction of technology Will have a practical significance.

Legend: C-NCAP crash test in progress

Xiaobian Conclusion: For Automakers, not just our lack of technology and talent, we also mIssing the 100 years of accumulated technology, we believe that U.S.-made Cars can go its own way, because if we are also looking forward to football coach Marcello Lippi national football competition, then we should support domestic Car has been in a joint venture vehicle and killing! After all, we have made Cars to the world, but the Orangemen out of Asia have not been more than a decade.