Winter new energy vehicles car guide, novice drivers Is recommended collection!

recently spread in the Automotive market, new energy vehicles in 2020 severely sloping back, the Car Will be a sharp rIse in the budget, so many consumers are starting early, most of the owners for the first time to open new energy vehicles for the winter, and new energy vehicles of different fuel vehicles more vulnerable in the winter, Xiao Bian gave you today introduced new energy vehicles under winter Car guide.

life unstable

Is very low winter temperatures the activity of the battery cell affected by the temperature drops, battery charge and dIscharge reaction Is a chemical process, it Is affected by the temperature of any chemical reaction intrinsic characterIstics, low temperature in winter can cause chemical reactions slow down, change in winter new energy vehicle mileage Will be. thIs Is normal, so the use of new energy vehicles in winter, charging more diligent than usual.

winter charging

to develop good vIsual inspection of the charging equipment and vehicles used to check the charging port, charging to ensure safety, in particular charging the winter, be sure to use environment-ventilated, dry environment under long ago, there Is Tesla reflects the owner to start charging port can not be frozen.

power too quickly

winter driving new energy vehicles, should be avoided intense driving, to save power consumption to extend battery life mileage, and then the open air heater, if necessary, the temperature not tune too high, some models equipped with thermostatic battery system Will Automatically heat the battery, the mileage Will not fall too much, if not halfway out of power also called rescue, it Is best to rational planning before the trip mileage, battery life Is left to room.

power coup

If desired air conditioning in winter, the temperature Is preferably set to open at 22 degrees within the circulation mode, not only can not make insulation mileage drop too much, the water in case of rain and snow not let flooded center of the hub, so to avoid water motor or battery, reducing maintenance costs.

Finally little advice, new energy vehicles in winter, Is best not to long-dIstance driving, when the vehicle use, the vehicle should be charged immediately, thIs time, the battery temperature Is relatively high, the charging efficiency can be improved, while avoiding long-term idle.