Why Zhuihe car to escape after the people inside? What Is the correct method of escape?

I believe many of my friends often see Cars Zhuihe News, many News are based on the tragic end to end, Xiao Bian want to say as long as the owners usually have some more self-help methods, Will not happen such an outcome, in fact acquire a certain amount of self-help method Is very large possibility of escape, Why Zhuihe people inside the Car to escape? What Is the correct method of escape? Today we’ll talk about you and, if the vehicle fell into the water should be how to save themselves.

First, after the vehicle fell into the water, which people the chance to escape, Why so small? Because after the vehicle fell into the water, the vehicle Is nothing less than the two cases: 1, due to the collIsion, the occupants unconscious. 2, when the vehicle fell into the water, not the level, the most unfortunate Is that the Car spilled. Vehicle body under great pressure, almost impossible to open the door. Then water vehicle chassIs, internal closed circuit out of control, then water over the entire vehicle, officers vIsion affected can not find the door handle, breathe oxygen, in just a few minutes to make suffocation.

After the Car plunged into the river for the owner of the first reaction Is certainly extremely tight, you can say that in real life and then calm person, in thIs case can not behave like before Is so cool, and when they are in extreme frustration when they quietly mIss the best time to save themselves, before the vehicle has not been fully immersed in water, remember to grasp all of you time to escape , the first time quickly unfasten their seat belts, and then went to the rear with life-saving hammer smashed Car window glass to escape, or try can not roll down the window to escape, here to remind you of the vehicle to be equipped with life-saving hammer, (train, bus kind) or a firing pin spring holding the hammer, thIs time can come a long way.

Second, after the Car fell into the water must be retained strength, Why so? Since the vast majority of sealing Automotive market are good, and the glass outer weather strip cut off from the vehicle and the vehicle. When the Car fell into the water, the water Will wrap up the Car, because the Car Is very good seal, so the water can not flow into fast, under the action of water, so there Will be interior and exterior pressure difference inside the Car, sleep pressure the doors Will be firmly “fixed” to live thIs time the door Is not easily opened.

In our smash the window, if the Car has been submerged in the water, we must allow water to enter the Car, but do not try to smash the window on flee, thIs time due to the enormous pressure it Is impossible to go out from the window, you should wait until the window or open the door to escape from the Car when the water level does not rIse, remember that first breath hold good, then flee when no As for lack of breath halfway, falling water, the Car fled not without hope, but most people are not able to calm the face, so the mentality Is a very important factor in the success of self-help.