Why Zhuihe car, a lot of people to escape? In fact, “means of escape” Is very simple

Why Zhuihe after Car, a lot of people to escape? In fact, “means of escape” Is very simple

Hello, everyone! I believe you Will often see thIs News, there Is a Car accidentally fell into the water, because the people inside to open the door, but trapped in the Car can not breathe, suffocated alive for passengers inside the Car, in that case, although there Is survival instinct, but see little hope rescued, it can only trapped in the Car, and ultimately tragic. Why Zhuihe Car, a lot of people to escape? In fact, “means of escape” Is very simple.

at the time of the Car Zhuihe, if using a general means of escape, it Is certainly not appropriate , plunged into the river Is not the same as with the accident, when the accident occurred on the road can have a lot of people you can call the police rescue, but when the fall in the water, the water Will not all passers-by, and you in the Car, they have no way to save you, the general means of escape impossible to help you escape, say, the Car crashed into the water Is a sudden event, Will not do any preparation, the chance of escape Will be greatly reduced. Generally in the Car and after that if no one can escape, the problem lies in the escape skills, in fact, just grab the best time of the rescue, coupled with the right skills to escape, Zhuihe of people who have a great chance escape.

Car just plunged into the river when floating, but the water level Will gradually gone through the whole Car, just water flooded four wheels, the Car Will a little into the water, the water level at thIs time just to heel, in which case the door Is still open Is better, of course, the best time to escape, when the water level Yandao handlebar position, the door still open, but it takes a lot of when strength, the water level Yandao the middle of the side window glass, the water pressure outside the Car Is very large, thIs time opened the door again, it Is a very difficult.

When all the submerged Car, the Car’s passengers to survive intention Is very strong, but also the spirit of high tension, thIs time to ride, outside facing resIstance Is very large, I want toOpen the door Is already impossible, that Is, after the first time thIs should be done to bring security to unlock directly to the glass broke down, so that the best preparation ahead of time in the Car to escape hammer, broke the glass and do not hurry to go out, because then the glass broke down, the water Will go all of a sudden the Car with Chung, until the water no longer flows to the Car out again, thIs Is a relatively safe, but the important thing Is to maintain their physical strength, Although in the face of life-threatening, very few people Will do to calm down, but if you do not calm down, you want to escape Is very difficult.

now driving, must be extremely focused, not because of a little mIstake let their lives threatened, in that critical moment, your mind Will not remain forever awake, the more in that case, have to win more free time for yourself, do not do unnecessary struggle. Well, here today, and remember to read the small series of articles thumbs up, focus on the forwarding of course also possible, next goodbye.