Why Zhuihe car, a lot of people to escape? In fact, “escape technique” Is very simple!

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Why Zhuihe after Car, a lot of people to escape? In fact, “escape technique” Is very simple!

In fact, say motoring dangerous, to say big Is not large, but say much but sometimes there Is fear for their lives. Surely we occasionally see the Car fell into the News, owners are basically no survivors, Why the Car fell into the water, a lot of people to escape it? Let’s look at it

encountered Car fell into the water, a common means of escape must be useless, if not prepared in advance, it may escape sex Will be greatly reduced, if prepared in advance the action, then the chances of escape Will be greatly increased.

When the Car exactly into the water, just to heel, door or better to open, as usual, thIs Is the best escape opportunity, if and when more than half when the body Is flooded, thIs time, it Is more difficult to open the door, because the outside pressure Is very large, very difficult to open the doors, so here Is stronger than male female advantage.

If you encounter such a situation, we must not be nervous, because it Is a nervous panic, mIssed the best time to escape if the door difficult to open, it would not have tried, that point of time, effort Is very important, you need to think of other ways to stay physically point, for example Za Boli, fragile glass to find clever at thIs time do not just go out, because the water great impact, need to wait for the water to fill up the Car, thIs time to do Is rest, save energy, and breath go out.

Most of the water vehicles are Cars upside down, because the relatively heavy front, plusForward on all fell into the water, thIs should even be moved to the back seat position and win more time to save themselves, when the glass broke open, mentally prepared, look for early floatable items quickly out of the Car. If an accident were to escape the Car, be sure to keep the face-up, if not swim as much as possible before leaving the Car to find a number of floating debrIs can hold, seek relief and quickly swim to the surface.

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