Why winter than in the summer of poor vehicle performance


season always people by surprIse, the sun Is shining or the day before yesterday, maybe today the bitter cold. Saying the lyrics describe a good, you snow in sunny South, I like spring in the cold night in the north. We always energetic summer, winter, preferring a lifetime, contrasts two kinds of seasons, the mood of the people has a great influence on the bed to be.

season not only affect people’s mood, and even the Car Is the same, for Car owners, I believe we have the experience, summer and winter the Car has a very different, such as the lower summer fuel consumption, vehicle easier to start, and better flatness, etc., which can clearly be felt, so Why performance Cars summer than in winter Is good?

First, the heat loss serious

summer we start very easily when the vehicle, and the need to heat the Car in winter to start, mainly because of the engine to maintain a good working condition requires a certain temperature, it Is by the heat energy into kinetic energy powering the Car Will consume a portion of the low-temperature thermal energy generated by fuel, so it reduces the use of engine power.

Second, the lubricating effect Is reduced

winter due to low temperatures, the effect of the lubricating oil decreases, the oil generally optimum operating temperature of around 70-90 ° C, oil vIscosity increases at a low temperature, the fluidity Will be poor, such an engine Will load increases, would be more difficult to start the vehicle. And many parts of the engine are lubricated by the oil splashed the job done, so the quality of lubricating effect determines the performance of the engine.

Third, the hardened plastic parts

low winter temperatures, steamPlastic Car parts Will have hardened, cushioning effect may be reduced, such as rubber tire vehicle wear and tear Will be greater, so a direct impact on ride comfort. The summer Is not the same, malleable plastic Will be better, not as crIsp as the winter. So thIs Is Why summer and winter Car has a different feel.