Why Volkswagen to promote such a large-scale electric vehicle?

With the continuing increase in ownership of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles of choice Is more and more people, for Car prices have not yet faced a mature market, but also vigorously promote the production of pure and electric vehicles, Volkswagen Group announced the launch of 50 new models of electric vehicles in the original plan of 10 years, Will be upgraded to 70 models in the next 10 years from a previous forecast of 15 million increase to 22 million.

from Volkswagen to promote the large-scale dIstribution of electric vehicles point of view and interests of their enterprIses, government-led demand and market trends and other factors it from first to market demand point of view, whether it Is domestic new energy vehicle market or just say foreign new energy vehicle market, both in the initial stage of development, for such a market, the development of the market above basically potential, and according to the domestic Automobile market, basically in the era of contending, of course, for Car prices, who can stand the pace in thIs market which Will be able to achieve the effect of technology-driven markets.

Second, from national policy, domestic policy to implement the dual integral Car, that requires a certain amount of production and sales of new energy vehicles to be able to produce and sell certain fuel vehicles for Volkswagen, it Is absolutely not tolerate a variety of production due to insufficient integration brings energy or financial loss, so thIs time began to aggressively promote pure electric vehicles, but also to put thIs market to play down. As environmental various countries and regions are also more stringent, whether domestic environmental emIssions standards for Cars Is still abroad.

costs in order to dIscharge a European perspective with the emIssion standards of the switching WLTC, ICE fuel vehicles in emIssions above to be paid higher than expected. Combined with the domestic things to talk about in terms of emIssions, the move forward in time, so for any Car prices do not want to lose thIs market, followed by ownership of electric vehicles with the rapid improvement, cost reduction, as well as follow-up support guarantee It Is more and more perfect, coupled with the public’s main markets in Europe and the United States, both the intensity of market regulation Is no way to non-compliance. Volkswagen also contributed to pure electric vehicles in large-scale promotion.