Why Volkswagen car ads last Will say killed Alto? What does it mean?

I do not know at all times who talked about celebrities, proud people behind absolutely nothing wrong, then we all have to see things the . Until Winterkorn resigned from the previous Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller (Matthias Müller) Volkswagen Group after serving as CEO, he seemed to realize thIs, the “Das Auto” to be deleted, leaving a Volkswagen in swaying in the wind, adding to look a little low-key.

phrase slogan accompanied by Volkswagen a decade, as the former had to leave the ceo has become hIstory.

In the past decade, the public did achieve good results, after the completion of the acquIsition of Porsche’s already has 10 Car brands. Which includes, Bentley, Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini and other luxury brands, great unified European Car market trend, in the face of such a result, the public inevitably some complacency, hence the birth of das Auto.

Das Auto Is German and about the meaning of ‘Auto’ means, thIs Is the Car has meaning. Phrase ad in 2007, proposed by the former CEO of the masses Automotive Martin Winterkorn. It sounds certainly very domineering, can not help but somewhat lacking humility of heart, compared to gallop ‘The best or nothing’ Is certainly not too humble, but thIs statement does not mention in detail what The best or nothing. ThIs showed ingenuity gallop, gallop least did not say “we made Car Is the best.”

man Is not humble in American civilization Is a very bad thing, so-called “benefit him, full of hurts,” perhaps the United StatesOld saying contains a deeper truth, Is indeed full of Cars to the masses has brought no small loss. New CEO Matthias Mueller Is clearly much more modest, and therefore the mass of the Car into a much more low-key slogan of Volkswagen. Individuals understand Is that the people do back to re-fit the actual needs of the masses of the Car, do the people back to the real Car.

and cut off from the masses Phaeton ThIs Is not the point of view of product items, Muller Is clearly not just shouting numerous slogans only. From an ideal point of view, seriously weakened the demand for self-reflection about the masses, and the masses might make things humbly Car make real rebirth.

once praIsed German quality at present can only be reflected in the Santana, Jetta, Bora and other low-end models. Shall we say, today’s Volkswagen in U.S. has become Cock wire the Car.

das Auto you only speak Alto.