Why V4 engine so good, but rarely see it in the car?

Reprinted from one hundred Author: nostalgic classic Cars

You may have seen the CraigslIst ad, the seller has no intention wrote their Cars have V-4 engine rather than the straight four engines. In the V-6 and very common in the world V-8, which Is an understandable mIstake. However, V-4 Is not just a mIsprint – it Is a real engine. But you do not often in the Car it.

There Is no doubt that motorcycle riders to V-4 engine Is very familiar with, because over the years many motorcycle manufacturers have provided thIs engine. But few Car manufacturers to provide V-4 – in the postwar era, it only appears in Ford (Saab provides engine) and Lancia. Porsche used the V-4 919 hybrid LMP1 Car, that’s all.

As Drivetribe of said Mike Fernie, V-4 Is great, because they are relatively small. Although they are of course wider than a conventional inline four-cylinder, V-4, but very short, since only two cylinders in a row. Their small size also means they are very hard, which for the purposes of 919 Is great, because it can easily be used as a stressed member of the chassIs of the Car.

You might think that V-4 can be very unbalanced and inaccurate, but it Is not. Their relatively short crankshaft does not generate much vibration, and if the cylinder group spaced 90 degrees apart, the main force from each cylinder group cancel each other, thereby achieving smooth operation.

The problem Is very complicated V-4. As with any V-type engine, V-4 requires two cylinder heads, two exhaust manifolds, two valve system, and the same camshaft cam inline four-cylinder and two. ThIs means that the V-4 development of high costs and high manufacturing costs. Lancia solved thIs problem by using a small 12-degree V angle, which means that it only needs a cylinder head. However, the angle between the cylinder banks of the V-4 Is less than 90 degrees, requires a balancing shaft, which Is more complex.

Thus, although the experimental Ford and Lancia, V-4 in the vehicle has never been popular. In the motorcycle, for high-end sports motorcycle (such as Ducati v4 Panigale), the additional cost and complexity Is worth it, because only so much space available. For the purposes of 919, V-4 because of its compact size, high rigidity and good fuel consumption and meaningful. An engine mounted around the hybrid system Is also very easy, Porsche 919 huge set budget, V-4 Is not a problem of high cost.