Why Toyota is not as good as high-end BBA?

about Toyota, many people have heard of “Toyota does not really bad,” “a road must be Toyota,” and other familiar word of mouth and advertisements, we can see in the eyes of the public Toyota has a very important position.

but no matter how Toyota powder were allowed to tout Toyota, but Toyota in everyone’s eyes still hard to equate with high-end models, in particular, with the most common of the three major brands BBA than up, like Toyota contractors to follow after a big boss, it carried with her some “soil and” atmosphere.

feeling total for Toyota quality is not high, Lively One car needs to feel apart of view, after all, the entire Toyota Group, which is divided into Toyota, Lexus.

Toyota brand cars mainly for the majority of ordinary people design and manufacture, and Lexus (that is, before Lexus) is to fill the gaps in the high-end models in the Toyota Group is present.

Established in 1983, Lexus, its models, covering almost all luxury cars and SUV market.

There Lexus limousine CT, Lexus IS, Lexus ES, LS and Lexus Lexus GS like. There Lexus luxury SUV UX, Lexus NX, Lexus RX Lexus LX and so on. In the luxury sports car, as Lexus LC, Lexus RC and so on.

As to why the Toyota Group, why not on the Toyota brand to launch high-end models, which I’m afraid and vehicle development in Japan have a certain relationship.

While Toyota is a hundred years old, but really let the Japanese industry take off again, the time, or in the 1960’s and 1970’s, especially in the 1970s oil crisis sweeping the global environment, Japan quickly to seize this opportunity, through low-emission, low fuel consumption, cost-effective models quickly selling market, become after the United States, Europe, the world’s third-largest auto industry center.

only a small displacement, low fuel consumption, high cost performance characteristics of the car, and the whole doomed Toyota cars in Japan can only be to the development of low-cost models. So after World War II, although Toyota to take off again, but the Japanese auto industry to Toyota’s positioning is locked in a low-end models.

As the saying goes: love is always the eternal memory.

Since then though Japanese car after half a century of development, but people’s impression of the Toyota brand remains at the low-end, low-cost on the senses. As one migrant workers through hard labor became a labor contractor, but in some people’s eyes the hard-working people always compared with the big boss, almost anything.

Because of this, Toyota’s boss until 1983 to get rid of low-end image, launched the Lexus brand, Lexus is also relatively disappointing, a launch will be a great success in North America, won the North American luxury car sales champion for many years.

but in Europe, Lexus luxury cars gathered in the road is still relatively long.