Why total car smell it? ThIs Is a five position Is not a good cleaning!

of our country’s current living standards has reached a very high degree, it can be said that every family has its own a scooter, a Car alone Is not what many people would often spend money open Car to the repair shop for cleaning. Many seem to master the Car wash your Car to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the Car. In fact, many workers are not Careful to clean up your Car, many locations are not able to deal well with clean.

today Will take you to find out, a few dead position of the vehicle, so your Car Will be very clean.

chassIs clean up

Although the Car wash thIs Issue see it seems relatively simple, but which still have a lot of knowledge! Many Car drivers daily, that they Will go through the road barrier, water debrIs on the road surface Will have a different degree of very serious impact on the Car’s chassIs, so that when we must pay attention to the Car wash the Car whether the chassIs has been cleaned. ThIs problem still can not be Careless, after all, on the life of the Car’s chassIs has a great influence of

seat belts clean up

there Is a problem the Car seat belt, seat belt use in the road which Is a relatively large number of parts, a lot of drivers Will not pay attention to health Issues in thIs area, in fact, seat belts are in constant use, the above bacteria, or more. So when we say to all aspects of the Car wash, it Is necessary to observe whether the seat belt to give us clean up, if you do not say, the staff Is not going to get you.

Glass clean up

There Is a Car of our Car glass, large most Car wash just to wipe out your Car glass, inside the glass Is just to fool a few, living in thIs area simply do not do well. In fact, I have encountered such a problem, that Is, when the windows rolled down, we Will see the clothes rub on the window frame of mindA lot of dust, in fact, thIs Is not completely clean up the windows caused. In fact, you want to completely get clean windows, Is to pay attention to the window above seal, seal actually still have a very important role, not only a decorative effect on the vehicle, it Is soundproof compartments closed and indIspensable part. To seal aging Is especially serious in the window, it Is prone to leakage phenomenon, no way to fix thIs problem, which Is the only way that we need to replace the seal of the window. You can also check it yourself, with your fingers press the seal sleeve, if we find there Is no longer elastic tape or rubber debrIs has emerged, can decIsively be replaced. So we have to develop a good habit to regularly use special cleaning agents to clean the sealing strip, strip windows for around we want to focus on cleaning.

mat clean up

There Is a place of our Car mats . Car mats seemingly insignificant thing, but it plays a very practical effect, can effectively waterproof, dustproof, anti-skid. In real life it Is related to the safety of the owner. Because the accuracy of its position of the throttle, brake, clutch or the like are closely related, if mats placed unreasonable, it Is likely to affect the performance of the brake. So, when the Ottomans out clean, the owner of the installation it Is necessary to confirm whether the reset, if the floor mats if catching pedal, you can easily become a driving hazard.

The problem Is encountered when the dead Car cleaning, we must pay a lot of attention Oh!