Why the car turns, the steering wheel Will return to its original position own

have friends ask us questions about the use of parts of the Car, say Why after turning the steering wheel of the Car, the steering wheel Will Automatically return to the original position, that Is a function of the steering wheel back to the positive. Some owners Will’m rather puzzled Why the steering wheel Automatically aligning it?

in fact, the Car Is the steering wheel back to the basic function, regardless of the direction or played a part to play, let go after a normal vehicle Will Automatically back positive. ThIs Is also an important indicator to judge the Car handling. Most of the vehicle steering wheel power into hydraulic power and electronic power or zero power. But thIs Will not affect the steering wheel self-aligning feature.

in fact, the front wheel chassIs with self-aligning feature of the suspension Is directly related to the design. Wherein the kingpin and kingpin inclination angle of the steering wheel of thIs parameter the self-aligning capabilities. Steering resIstance when the vehicle Is traveling straight Is higher than the resIstance, direction by the absence of external forces Will naturally avoid high resIstance while aligning himself. These two parameters can ensure the Car straight running stability and cornering when the light type. At the same time ensures that the steering wheel has the ability to Automatically back positive. Steering system and reduce wear and tear. Therefore, the kingpin inclination and cancellation of inclination within these two parameters of a vehicle steering system has a very important role.

when these two parameters are incorrect, or when the vehicle Is not turning back to the positive, or aligning does not function properly, eat tires tire Issues we need to consider when wheel alignment. After the vehicle steering wheel alignment can adjust the parameters include the above kingpin inclination and cancellation mentioned inclination, so that all aspects of the parameters return to normal state, the vehicle can drive safely. thereforeYou can go to the factory for repair wheel alignment when the owners found the vehicle steering system abnormalities.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)