Why should the electric company car drivers (sponsor)

Why electric company Car drivers (sponsorship)

driving a company Car drivers to see the power of the public electronic Golf of strength, not a mainstream choice.

Is what makes the perfect company Car? ThIs Is one of the most challenging presentation. On the one hand, it must meet well-trained team manager and their spreadsheets, hone, to assess its performance, value and surplus value p11d to find the most effective means of mobilizing an employee tax.

However, the same Car also must reward its users Is desirable, A driving pleasure and practicality, as little as possible while still affect the employee’s purse. No other vehicle must meet the requirements of such a high standard, and have a strict budget.

Therefore, the only people who can show the best achievements, but also due to the impact of changing government and tax system, the goal Is often transferred, there have been pressure to find the next big thing. For a growing group of forward-looking company Car drivers, thIs Car Is the Volkswagen e-Golf.

From the outset saved

All Electronics golf with conventional power golf qualities and attributes shared, its internal and external quality modern design, cutting-edge connectivity and security technology, impressive practicality and dynamic driving experience. However, the latest generation of electric power systems, it provides a quiet, efficient and green performance, and provides considerable economic benefits, it adds an extra attraction.

purely from a tax point of view to look at electronic golf, it Is easy to see Why it has become a popular choice. 2019 to 19 years, 20% of the basic rate taxpayers face a tax burden of 850 pounds, because e-Golf Is currently only attracted 13% of benefits in kind (BiK), and because emIssions from its 0 g / km, it has the impact of the recent tax reform Is reduced to a minimum.

Even better, according to the new company announced the 2020/21 annual Car tax plan, BiK electronic golf rates of only 2%, the equivalent of 261 pounds of the year, saving more than 30% than it Is now. Over time, one Will become cheaper Cars are hard to ignore.

In addition, the cost-conscious company Car users are enjoying the benefits to their daily electronic golf driving bill brings. 16 pence per kilowatt-hour of electricity Is calculated based on the night, at home, fully charged electronic golf price may be slightly higher than 3 pounds – which means only slightly higher than the 2 pence per mile, while the price of conventionally powered Cars Is that more than double the figure.

The Government also incentives to help businesses persuade drivers to replace the fleet of Cars, and “workplace charging scheme” (Workplace charging scheme) was permanently installed charging stations provide business assIstance, as well as a supporting Homecharge plan to encourage electric Car owners save companies up to 500 pounds at the time of installation.

Another fact Is that companies can buy electronic golf record 100% of the eligible value reduction in the first year, thanks to higher tax-free capital the amount, but also in its favor a strong financial arguments.

life of ease

company Car drivers and fleet managers also like Electronics golf services. Forget to change the oil, spark plugs, and many other moving mechanical parts, may be worn and need to be replaced.

does not need to access electronic golf dealer for routine maintenance before 18,000 miles or 24 months, after that, only every 18,000 miles or 12 months time inspection, whichever occurs first. Consumables required for each service should be much less, thIs could mean a lower cost.

There Is no doubt, fleet managers who see the benefits of electronic golf, but that Is not important to the company Car drivers, they Will be driving Cars with thousands of miles. Fortunately, thIs Car Is not just a CapeThrough golf, its core in-depth quality has been enhanced by its electric propulsion and forward-looking manner.

The basic element Is the reassuring familiarity, you Will find any model Golf. Appearance Is a lesson solid and elegant design, it has become a symbol for generations, but it offers a range of exquIsite and unique additional features for e-Golf – especially well-designed blue decoration, it can pick the grille and LED headlights, rear bumper and custom 16-inch alloy wheels, which Is specifically designed to accommodate the aesthetic and improve electronic golf aerodynamic efficiency.

internal electronic golf, too, it and the other five golf model as spacious and offer a generous 341 liters boots, all of which are smart design and surrounded by high quality materials, these materials create the conditions for such a tempting environment. Blue flash again subtly reminding the power system, a unique instrument dIsplay provides a constant flow of information about the battery and the motor operating conditions and the charging.

has hit the core of the golf

All of thIs happens in the driver’s experience Highlights of ownership to an electronic golf: driving experience before. Processing a comfortable ride and agile and delivery Is expected, but nearly silent calm powertrain must have experience, because it’s calm effect, its passenger Car.

excellence Is exceptional, electronic golf feels like a very expensive machine, but thIs Is not damage to property. Thanks to the motor 136 ps, e-Golf can be reached in 9.6 seconds from the state of rest 62 mph – city travel fast enough at any one time – however, at wltp test, it can reach a range of 144 miles.

a traditional company Cars often require a compromIse between the cost of ownership and fun to use it. E-Golf Is the answer to thIs compromIse, providing tax and cost-effectiveness far more than any combustion-powered alternative to providing unique and useful driving and ownership experience. On the future of the company Carit’s here.