Why should plated car Liquid glass? Liquid glass-plated car it Is necessary to do?

In fact, the Car Is often the environment Is very harsh, sun prolonged sun exposure, acid rain, snow involving abuse, invasion of dust, sewage bird droppings, tar sand, tree stick, ultraviolet light, oxidation, electrostatic adsorption daily improper wipe, scratch, scrape direct damage to the paint and so on. If not maintained protection, the new Car Will soon face like a woman’s face does not become as maintenance become old, not old Car, face first decline. Driving such a Car to go out, we Will dIsgrace.

to the Automotive coated with a layer of very stable hard nano-transparent liquid glass, various kinds of inconvenience effectively prevent external damage to the paint, Will be well play a role in the following: 1. the product has a heat-absorbing, high temperature, anti-ultraviolet function, reduce sun damage to the paint, Car paint effectively protect the original gloss. 2. The stable liquid glass protective coating comprIsing a layer of nano three-dimensional network, various kinds of contaminants can be Isolated and physical chemical properties, freezing temperature, acid corrosion, acid rain can be well Isolated, the product snow, dust, bird droppings, sewage, asphalt, sticky tree, dead insects, bacteria and all kinds of chemicals for paint attack, invasion.

After a glass body having a liquid applicator body antIstatic effect can reduce dust in the air Is adsorbed, anti-oil. After the glass due to the liquid crystal can be formed into a cured paint solid layer of protection, high hardness and good wear resIstance, can withstand sand road on the way, inappropriate wiping, scratch, scrape the paint and the like damage.

Yin Nami stage liquid-permeable glass tiny pores in the paint, can be well insulated oxygen oxidation of paint, paint fading prevent aging.

Another liquid for liquid Glass has good hydrophobic lotus effect for the glass, driving rain can be improved field of view, greatly improving traffic safety. After construction of the body of liquid glass, effectively prevent hair black paint scratches; white paint oxide yellow; light gray paint loss; improve minor scratches, swirl marks on the paint almost invIsible, and very good brightening brightening function, three-dimensional obviously, the paint looks dazzling, have to make your old Car a new Car appearance effect.

Construction liquid glass Car has a good anti-fouling and self-cleaning function, it can greatly reduce the number and cost of washing and conservation. Can reduce the adhesion of dirt, cleaning easy, no need to use various types of corrosive cleaning agents, has great significance for environmental protection. There are a lot of friends ask or need a new Car plating liquid glass, Car people may know, the original paint Is the best body paint, so protect Automotive original paint Is necessary; furthermore, no scratches due to new Car , can be removed in the polIshing step, to reduce the damage to the original paint and the protective layer, and can better protect coated glass liquid original paint, the Car plating liquid glass Is necessary.

Car after a few years, still bright as new paint, assessment of the price of the Car Will therefore be improved.