Why should car wax? How should waxing? You want to know are here


For many just bought a new Car drivers, to take good Care of the Car that really Is treated like a first love the same attitude, and waxing Is a very high degree of attention topic. Why should Car wax? How should waxing? Xiaobian take you deep learning about waxing it!

waxing can make the paint more shine

First, the surface paint of the new Car has a protective layer, it allows us to new Car looks very bright, it Is possible to block certain low erosion of the outside world (such as acid rain). But with the increase in the number of Car wash, thIs protective layer can be rubbed off, and then the Car wash Will be very annoying, “Sun Wen.”

produced after the

excessive washing Sun Wen

how to “eliminate” Sun Wen? Sun Wen Is an injury in fact, can not be completely eliminated, but the lines can be filled by sun pattern of waxing way, play a polIshing effect. Thus, a benefit of waxing Is that you can “fix” part sun pattern to some extent.

After waxing, black paint more shine

after completing repair waxing Sun Wen, the paint Will become more smooth, shine, especially the black paint, the effect after waxing more luxurious, refined. Of course, other colored paint after waxing, can achieve the effect of color Is more beautiful. The white paint after waxing, as attached to a layer more transparent as crystal, dazzling.

color color paint after waxing Is more beautiful

Another benefit of waxing Is that you can prevent the erosion of acid rain part, to a certain protect the paint from oxidation degree. Some owners do not waxing habits, over time, began to be oxidized paint, signs of transformation occurred, and some even began to rust.

corrosion paint, rust followed door

Thus, it Is very necessary waxing. In general, we waxed it once a month. Before waxing, first wash clean the vehicle, the body of dirt, dust, grease all clean.

stains vehicle washing

recommend the use chamoIs towel (absorbent towels or other strong) drops last wipe, which can prevent leaving a pattern of water droplets. Do not underestimate the final step of wiping, wiping shall not be treated if so, leaving a drop pattern, Will be particularly ugly after the final waxing. It Is recommended that you use chamoIs towel, or other water-absorbent towel stronger.

or the use of absorbent towel suede towel paint

After the paint surface water marks, the start waxing.

point wax on the sponge, a sponge dipped in wax or

waxing sponge removed, dipped in an appropriate amount of wax, and then in the finIsh gently circle clockwIse, the wax uniformly applied on the paint obtained.

The wax obtained uniformly spread on the paint

painted area after 4 minutes with a dry towel Car gently wipe the wax.

Towels wax wax uniformly erased area

Note that, sponges and wiping wax waxing towels, clean and must ensure that no sand particles, otherwIse the paint Will cause irreparable sCars.

Thus, even if the work done wax. You learn it?

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