Why people never really understand the car to install the car seat covers? After you know the reason, too

now every household has hIs own Car, hIs own Car decoration neat Is a lot of drivers have the mentality, everyone has the beauty of the heart, hIs own Car decoration good-looking point he looked very comfortable, thIs small series Is also possible to understand, thIs Is not just recently, on the very fact that people just bought a new Car, and hIs own Car decoration Is very beautiful, give yourself plus a protective cover on the steering wheel, seats himself also put a protective cover, which makes their Cars looked very warm and good-looking.

I think most of my friends just to buy a Car driver should be so, in fact, greatly accelerates here to tell you, to your own Car seat plus seat cover Is a very dangerous action, some drivers may be very curious, Why give yourself a seat plus seat covers in danger? Everyone to their seat plus seat covers nothing more than for aesthetics and comfort.

However, we thought not, we are all airbags on the seat, if we met in the case of emergencies, seat covers it Will affect the airbag opens, which has led to greatly increase our rIsk, so please note that the majority of older drivers, in order to secure our lives, we do not add seat covers, generally older drivers in their Cars they all know the dangers of doing so, but there are some just Car owners, novice drivers Is rarely aware of thIs security Issue, there Is little reason Is that our Car’s interior structure and are to undergo numerous manufacturers experiments, and only then the safest and most comfortable materials give us.

But if we put our Car seat plus seat covers, we Will change the structure of the original Car, leading to the possible rIsk of sex, so we must pay great attention to thIs Issue, although we are in the Care of the Car, thinking plus seat covers can not be easy for hIs seat has become so dirty, but also help us clean, both in or in the summer, winter can be free to switch, although thIs let us save time and effort, but gave our security laid great danger.

TheXiao Bian here to be very opposed to hIs seat plus seat cover, hope that the majority of drivers friends and not to do in order to save, convenience give their seats plus the seat covers, such an approach Is very wrong, so it Is still a regular basIs to clean up their Cars cleaning Is the most important, small long-winded so much, say most Is the security problem, hope that the majority of older drivers friends who are able to remember thIs a little.