Why overhaul the car once, it Is not far away from retirement? 4S shop hidden transmIssion of the dIsease

Why a Car after overhaul, it Is not far away from retirement? 4S shop hidden transmIssion of the dIsease

For most models, certainly not within the lifetime of all kinds of repairs, minor repairs, better said, not cost any money, and does not special Will leave vIsible traces, but once suffered a serious crash, there may be some component overhaul Is necessary, thIs Is a very serious situation, because some members are not fix, once damaged, then it means that thIs Car soon to enter retirement phase. Therefore, the Car industry Is also circulating a statement: overhaul a Car, it Is not far away from retirement, thIs Is Why?

The reason thIs happens Is because the repair of the repair process a lot 4S shop’s offer Is not in place, often Is sloppy, thIs behavior Is for the Car by the strict precIsion components composed, it Is very wrong to the detriment of the interests of everyone. Because many manufacturers are unique to the member, 4S shop which, although similar, but can not reach 100% of the easy to use, the performance of a lot less than the original member. But many users do not understand thIs, blindly sent hIs own Car 4S shop, also asked for more details from, however, so 4S stores also Will not treat your Car, because a lot of 4S shop Is hidden thIs tricky, so many owners believe it with the 4S shop channel.

Of course, thIs situation Is mainly related to the environment and today’s market, because the current market situation Is very complicated, and great competitive pressure, many brands do not benefit how good, in order to stay afloat, more profitable, most brands are beginning to correspondingly lower production standards, quality components from the intensity of it becoming less and less able to see that. Most of the members are unqualified, so even if such components installed in the Car also prone to quality Issues.

Many older drivers are reflected, most of the models are the exIstence of such a problem, since hIs Car repaired after a feeling not easy to use it, and a lot of Cars after a repair, repair feel Is not in place, so that the follow-up to the 4S shop maintenance have become the norm, but thIsSome drivers also know that, once the Car has gone through many repairs for its life are all hurt, it Will greatly reduce its service life, which Is very worthy of our attention owners.