Why open the car the more fuel consumption, try these three parts replacement, fuel consumption Will fall off


we buy the Car home, although our daily trips very helpful, but when we go to the gas station, often would not be so happy. Because the Car’s gasoline prices still not cheap, an ordinary family Car to fill a tank of fuel, then, nor down a few hundred dollars. It can be said gasoline has become our family in a very large amount of overhead.

In thIs case, how fuel-efficient it becomes very much a topic of concern to the owners. There are a lot more cautious owners find that their Car with age, fuel consumption has become increasingly high. They can not help but wonder if hIs Car had some problems, need to repair places repaired. Today, talk of the town come to take you look at the Car’s fuel consumption increased, what exactly Is the problem?

If our fuel consumption increases, first one should think of an Automobile spark plug if there Is a problem. Everyone on the spark plugs should also have a very deep understanding of what it Is a very important part of the ignition as the engine inside. Although the use of a very special material, but prolonged use Will it be overwhelmed, prone to wear and tear. So we need to check it regularly to see if there Is a problem need to be replaced.

Secondly, if the Car’s fuel consumption increases, owners are another consideration Is the Car’s oxygen sensor Is normal. ThIs effect Is a major part of the oxygen content of air Is perceived, so as to adjust the fuel injection amount of the vehicle. If it Is a problem, the Car’s engine Will no doubt appear very large imbalances, fuel consumption Will be significant increases. So owners must be vigilant, if necessary repair place must go for repairs.

The last one Is the Car tank. Although some hard to pronounce name, its role Is still very large, it Is possible to prevent the fuel tank inside the gasoline to evaporate. After we understand its role Will understand, if it happens damage, then our petrol engine which has not arrived yet, it has gone evaporate into the air, fuel consumption Is not high, how can it? So when the high fuel consumption of the engine, a Careful examinationUnder the tank, if it Is a problem, be sure to go to the store and timely maintenance.

Xiaobian Summary: Car just like our human body, like, a long time in many parts it Is easy to aging, damaged. At such times we need owners to improve their ability to observe, and Carefully point, regular Car maintenance repairs. If the fuel consumption Is high time, we can look at whether it Is three places above mentioned problems, timely Carry out corresponding repair, after all, the price of gasoline Is not cheap.