Why open the car a long time Will shake?

I believe that many owners Will feel that he bought a new Car for a long time before there Is no so smooth, and also found to have jitter problem, “body shake” Is a signal problem Is the Car to tell you, that What Is the solution? We talk about it together!

1, engine deposits serious

shake caused by Car Is the most common cause injector throttle too dirty or too much coke , because the Car Is adsorbed on the Carbon in fuel being drawn into the engine combustion in the cylinder, when the lean combustible mixture rich when the engine idling after a cold start causing jitter. Solution: clean oil, check whether the idling motor Carbon deposition should be cleaned.

2, ignition system problems

One reason for jitter caused by spark plugs, defective ignition coil and high-voltage wiring work. Solution: Check the spark plug if too much Carbon, replace the spark plug.

3, hydraulic instability

Is not normal fuel supply pressure or intake pressure sensor failure cause value Is incorrect and working body jitter. Solution: Check the oil, replace parts if necessary.

4, engine component aging

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