Why open electric vehicles than gasoline vehicles open well, which you know?

current energy crIsIs and shortage Is getting worse, many areas of natural resources exploitation has been finIshed, Is followed by natural dIsasters. There are many countries more and more attention to the protection of oil, coal light of those non-renewable resources of the world, the United States Is no exception. One of the most effective of a measure Is to encourage the development of new energy industry, new energy industry. New energy vehicles Is one of them, the electric Car Is a kind of new energy vehicles. Sometimes we can see some electric Cars are on the road, did not see the exhaust gas dIscharged behind them black, I feel very magical. Many people think that electric Cars than open open petrol and diesel vehicles, which Is Why?

1. Zero or near zero dIscharge emIssion. Compared with traditional vehicles, electric vehicles Is battery powered, driven by the motor Is running, making Cars, thIs approach Is not natural emIssions. Traditional Car with petrol or diesel powered, thIs Is a great loss of natural resources, one day, the oil Will be exhausted, and environmental pollution.

2. reduce water pollution caused by the oil leak. Car traveling on the road a long time, the oil leak situation Is very common, these oils through the city sewer popular river, Is likely to cause water pollution, harm to human health.

3. The improved fuel economy, improve the combustion efficiency of the engine. Battery-powered electric-powered vehicles, compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles, there Is an important advantage Is the increased efficiency while saving money, the price of petrol and diesel has been high at present.

4 run smoothly, without noIse. Another point Is that we can directly experience, Is the electric Car Is very smooth, even acceleration, or steering are not a lot of noIse.