Why only one car tire, Will not leak, how Is thIs done?

driving all know, the Car’s engine Is a very important accessory, but as the sole and part of the tire contact with the ground, Is a very important thing, but also to a sudden flat tire, there Will be great security rIsks, so regular inspection and replacement of tires it Is very important, but we do not know and did not find that with the development of Automotive technology, Car tires have no inner tube, and many of them are vacuum tire, not only durable Will leak, Why only one Car tire tread, yet Will not leak, thIs Is how to do it? With a look!

The first Is the Car without inner tube, then it Will be more durable, we all know that after a long period of tire friction with the ground, there Will be wear and tear, so no inner tubes of tires Will be more wear-resIstant, because fewer inner tubes, heat generated by friction can be dIssipated faster, so it Will be more secure, so we generally use low vacuum tire, safety, fuel consumption, the key Is to travel the good stability.

The second Is the casing of the tire Is smooth inner liner, mounted directly on the hub, and the hub Is smooth, so that we can, and the hub close contact together, the problem Will not leak appeared, and the higher the pressure. Better air tightness, travel time Will not appear leakage phenomenon, so it does not require vacuum tire inner tubes a.

Finally, because of the relatively large vacuum tire pressure, so once they are tied to, and Will not immediately deflated, which Is Why many luxury Cars even have a flat tire, can continue running for some time, thIs Is also relatively safe, so now most of the Car’s tires are no inner tube, and now the owner should know Why it!