Why older drivers never installed car seat cover? ThIs Is the master, follow the trend of the car does not become a loaded one month

A lot of people Will buy a lot of Car seat after buying the Car, they think it helps keep the Car look more attractive, while also protecting the Car seat, after all, we’re always possible but also because the human way to upload a few relatives and friends, so they may not like their own Car Care, believe it Will draw to the seat, plus leather seats are now many, if what you need Is designated to repair the , severe may also need to get a new seat. Why older drivers never installed Car seat cover? ThIs Is the master, to follow suit fitted month Car does not become a

seats in addition to new ones, we also encounter the situation seat Is dirty, there Is cleaning look like, but some may need to be directly replaced, and so doing really does not pay ah. However, Careful people Will find that many owners do not give Car seat covers installed after buying a Car. Because the seat cover Car seat installed behind the airbag can not be himself popped up, if you encounter a Car accident would be unable to protect the safety of the personnel back. In addition, installed after the seat cover our bodies and seats are spaced apart, to a screeching halt if the people Will fly out.

However, the most important point Is that the seat cover, the seat can not be breathable. We now seats are generally leather seats, leather case itself Will be a great taste, if coupled with the surface layer of the seat cover, then put the taste cortex may suppress diffusion can not come out in it, and seating after a long time in contact with the seat of these gases Will be adsorbed on the upper sleeve. When we ride if it Is their own Car, then generally more casual sitting or lying directly on the seat, and that these gases Will be sucked us up close.

In fact, these gases are mostly our body harmful if inhaled a small amount of our bodies may be some small problems, such as dry throat or itchy throat, sometimes Will feel dizzy, if it Is long-term inhalation may occur if shortness of breath, chest tightness and may even cause cancer, so our bodies are great damage.

we Will go to the hospital when our body of problems, but in fact, many dIseases areIs a minor illness we have become long-term accumulation of serious illness, we did not feel well when there Is likely to be some time longer ailments Is gradually being expanded, if you are a little breathing problems because of problems caused by air that not only need to spend money to go to medical treatment, but also make us feel physically uncomfortable, cause losses to our bodies.

Therefore, only the air quality problem evolved from the beginning to the end became a health problem, we must pay attention to our environment, which can also be found purify how important air Is one thing, if they can not guarantee the air quality may wIsh to put some charcoal bag in the Car, so not only can purify the air, but also absorb harmful substances, can give us a little charcoal bag to avoid air quality and damage to the body.