Why old drivers suggest you buy a used car?

With the development of economy, people’s living standards improve, the Car Is also increasingly becoming a household necessities, which also led to the rIse of the secondary market welcomed Car, used Car more and more by the majority of drivers, especially older drivers. More and more older drivers Is recommended to buy a used Car Is not without reason. So Why older drivers are recommended to buy a used Car? New or used Car? Older drivers tell you which Is more cost-effective?

First of all prices, used Car prices are relatively cheap, for those who want buy a Car, but no one has sufficient income or deposit, thIs Is a good choice. There are just set foot in the white Car, a new Car, then began to buy, it Is inevitable there Will be some scratches, a small collIsion situation occurs, thIs time we can buy cheaper used Car test the water.

Second, the high cost of second-hand Cars. In the case of used Car performance, configuration intact, the equivalent of a new Car Is certainly more cost-effective. The Car Is the depreciation rate of the new Car a couple of years, it Will be like the Car second-hand Car market as cheap, it Will lose a lot of money. But opened more than three years of depreciation of the Car would not be so fast, basically maintained at a certain level, such a comparIson, buying a used Car can save a lot of money on depreciation rates.

In addition, buying a used Car can save some unnecessary link. For example, purchase tax, purchase tax Is based on the prices of new Cars according to the proportion of taxes collected, the more expensive the Car the more expensive pay taxes, buy a used Car can save thIs link, but also save a lot of money. And buy a used Car may not need film, decoration, etc., the amount of second-hand Car maintenance cost far less than a new Car.

However, the used Car Is good, buy still cautious. Second-hand Car market depth, cohabitation, second-hand Car market management practices are also not perfect. Some did notExperienced want to buy high-cost second-hand Car friends, still have to ask around for the Car Is very understanding of friends, as well as the time of purchase should choose a reliable second-hand Car trading platform or intermediary.