Why not wIse car seat cover, after the old driver explained, or throw it


Pharaoh’s nephew to buy a Car, they begin to dinner to celebrate. He bought a very hot moment Hover H6, Wang Is very optimIstic about thIs Car, and intend to vote for it on the next Car. Red Hover H6 Is very young and dynamic in the sunlight, when Pharaoh opened the door, when he was on the seat to the plastic film “surprIsed” to, buy a Car for three days, these Will also reluctant nephew plastic film to tear, it Is indeed very curious, Why do not these plastic films Is to not tear up the dirty Car, Pharaoh although very frustrating, but also said he and dIsadvantages of these plastic film, and finally nephew was Willing to throw them away.

Care of their Cars Is a good thing, but the owners also need to know what things to do to really protect the Car, which Will hurt the Car. These plastic films nephew asked Pharaoh after the tear, then I can get hold of a Car seat covers it? In thIs regard, Wang also give you answer, though Car seat covers to protect Car seats are not dirty, but it Will affect the safety of the Car occupants. If you buy a Car, airbag seat above, then it certainly can not be installed seat cover, in case of emergency, there Is no way the pop side airbags, thIs time there Is no way to protect the safety of passengers.

point 2, Car seats frictional force Will change the seat. Car seat covers a variety of materials available in the market, have any of those little beads to string together the seat cushion, as well as “ice silk” seat covers, seat covers just these materials can bring a lot of security rIsks in case of an emergency, we Will directly hit the brakes, the driver of “ass” Will slip out directly, board staff would cause unnecessary harm, although you can let the Car seat to keep clean, but no protection safety.

point 3, using the Car seat cover of the vehicle Will affect the quality. If you buy thIs Car, the seat Is leather material, it would have been nice leather seats can bring a sense of quality to the Car, but if you install the bells and whIstles seat covers, not only Will affect the overall coordination and beauty and give people a sense of tune. Originally buy a Car, probably fancy leather seats, so be sure to enjoy the comfort it bringsSex, or else Why do you choose leather seats it?

Pharaoh Comment: Do not add seat covers, has always been a very controversial topic after buying the Car. But Car owners who want to know the most important road safety, to know whether the installation of seat covers can improve the safety of it? Even though it can improve the aesthetics, safety and aesthetics but which Is more important compared to my heart I believe the owners have the answer, it Is still using the Car seat covers owners, we can seriously think about.