Why not use the car dashboard digital dIsplay speed? After reading designers understand the good intentions cherIshed

We in the Car or the Car, can significantly speed according to changes in wind speed trends in landscape or feel the Car out of the window of the Car, sometimes even sitting inside a closed Car, we can still perceive themselves to accelerate the speed of the Car or slower, however, so we can only judge a rough, driving speed, we all know, the speed of resolution there Is a more accurate way to Car speed, that Is, according to the degree of bias pointer Automobile dashboards to determine the current travel speed.

Today, many Cars have a digital dashboard, dashboard and thIs allows us to see a specific speed, precIse speed to make a digits, it can be said Is very accurate, then, digital pointer so accurate, Why a lot of big Cars Will use mechanical dashboard it? ThIs would be traced back to when the Car was first invented, then, taking into account the cost of the acquIsition sensor accuracy, reliability, timeliness and other various reasons, relatively speaking, analog meters was relatively the best and most appropriate way to solve these problems, but thIs mechanical instrument panel with a long time, people have actually got used to thIs dashboard to read the speed,

on the one hand designers feel better to see the changes with simulated pointer intuitive Car speed, speed from fast to slow, or from slow to fast, there Is a trend, just by looking at the corner of hIs speed Will be able to know exactly what the big change little, thIs trend Is more important than the accuracy of the speed of drivers, and thIs Is still the analog hands today, but when, and still maintained hIs progressiveness, which Is more conducive to the analog pointer the driver to concentrate on projects as the front, while the digital dashboard in thIs context clearly not a mechanical instrument panel, the reading of digital data in a digital dIsk, when

because there 1– 5 minutes delay time, vehicle velocity change tendency None France appears instantly on the dial, the driver sometimes can not control the speed of change, thIs situation can easily lead to security problems. As technology continues to develop, many new Cars make a lot of improvement, but on the dIsc pointer, still retains the mechanical speed pointer, digital instruments only as a supplement to mechanical dial, however, so today’s science and technology development speed,

electronic instruments Will one day replace the mechanical dial, and perhaps a few years later, the Autopilot Will be a timely, no chauffeur-driven locomotive, mechanical dial might quit the stage of hIstory, then, there Is no artificial interference factors, digital dial operation Will be more efficient, intuitive and convenient, then, the role of digital dial Will play the most, but the present and future for a long period of time, the motorIsts still can not do without the mechanical dial.