Why not stainless steel automobile frame?

a Car involved in a considerable number of parts Is, there Will involve a variety of materials, proportionally speaking, the majority of which Is steel. For example, the body, such as the chassIs, engine (cast iron engine), gearbox, suspension, etc., which are mostly made of iron, but we know that iron material also has its own shortcomings, such as common rust problem, which Is also troubled it’s a big problem.

but we know that, in the steel smelting, the addition of chromium, molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements, can create one kind of afraid of corrosion, an iron article Will not rust, that Is stainless steel, such as: chromium stainless steel, chrome-nickel stainless steel and stainless steel CrMnN. Products made from these materials have been widely applied to our daily lives, but many people wonder, Why do not Car stainless steel production, so it Is not out of trouble yet rusty? In fact, thIs Is not so easy.

First of all, Is one of the main directions of modern lightweight vehicle development, and the weight of the stainless steel material Is too large and not in line with the development trend of the Car. At the same time, though stainless steel does not rust, but also the great dIsadvantage of other aspects, such as ductility Is not enough, not up to processing requirements; welding, drilling Is very difficult, high processing difficulty; but not low Carbon content stainless steel, welding when prone to embrittlement, easy to crack, but also to ensure the strength of the weld heat treatment of the weld do it again, not only does the provincial labor, equipment and supplies have spent. In addition a great deal of difficulty after thIs Will give maintenance.

in addition, the high price of stainless steel, the current market price, ordinary galvanized sheet DC51D + Z price Is now more than four thousand yuan a ton, double galvanized sheet better in more than six thousand, stainless steel now 19,000 a ton, an average of 1.2 tons of steel a Car, Car body may be 0.5 tons, a stainless steel trolley with more than 3,000 yuan, with an annual outputMillion Is 30 million.

Also, the thin stainless steel sheet metal requirements, high manufacturing process requirements, but also polIshed stainless steel, it Is difficult painting, not stainless steel does not rust, but it Is not easy to rust . However, performance Is poor tensile stainless steel, the cost of press molding a large, easily deformed. Stainless steel stamping resilience Is much larger than Carbon steel, especially deep drawing, there Will not be a big strain aging, and an important advantage of Carbon steel Is good processing properties.

Finally, Automotive strength requirements of the different parts of different steel materials, such as the body needs to be high strength steel, not to deform in a collIsion, the breakable steel, stainless steel are not so suitable for steel body. Further, the life of the vehicle from the point of view, as long as not particularly poor Car shell plates, can achieve substantially full life corrosion resIstance, and the processing Is not high, very good repair, the original metal component, the tendency Is to use a composite material , so stainless steel Is not suitable for repairer.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)