Why not add oil to the car to fill?

for a Car, the fuel Is essential when the Car ran out of gas when you need to add petrol. But apart from petrol, oil for the Car Is also very important. Oil can lubricate the engine, but also to prevent the engine from corrosion, shock absorption cushioning, etc., but the way of oil and petrol refueling difference Is quite large. In general refuel when we Will choose to fill gasoline, but the oil can not fill, then thIs Is exactly how it happened?

First, when we added to the Car engine oil, the oil may splash inside the crankshaft by the rotation of the Automobile as well as some of the bush to the crankshaft need lubrication place, in order to achieve lubrication of these places. And if too much oil, the crankshaft does not bring the oil to splash requiring lubrication, but also a great deal of resIstance to high-speed rotation of the crankshaft, the crankshaft so Will a lot of power naturally fell. The performance of the process in which Cars Will increase the Car’s fuel consumption, fuel consumption increases and although not particularly obvious, but long-term accumulated Is not a small number.

Secondly, if too much oil Is added, Will be in the process of gradually infiltrated Cars to another location, or even into the combustion chamber of them, so that oil and gasoline Will be mixed together, one hand Will reduce the efficiency of gasoline combustion, on the other hand the formation of coke in the combustion chamber which Will, in the long run Will cause sealing in the engine can change, affecting the life of the engine. Even a long time engine smoke condition Will appear for vehicle maintenance Is very unfavorable.

Finally, the oil Is added too much can cause internal engine pressures and burdens borne by larger, long run Will lead to wear and tear of aging situation in some parts even appear, Cars it Is possible to have a great life sacrificed. Of which the most prominent Is the crankcase oil seal, if the amount of oil too much, it Will bring a lot of pressure to the crankcase, and even oil spill situation occurs. Once the oil Is very dangerous, and even lead to mechanical damage and accidents.

In summary point of view, we add oil to the Car or pay close attention to the time, Do not add too many even to fill. It should be strictly controlled within the upper and lower tick the dipstick, not too much nor too little. Too much can lead to the occurrence of the above, while too little Will cause parts to wear out due to insufficient lubrication. So thIs requires us to Carefully check the oil level regularly, to ensure that within the amount of oil in a suitable range.

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