Why never to old driver car with seat covers?

Why older drivers never to Car with seat covers?

Now more and more people have their own Car, in order to make themselves feel more comfortable in the Car, many people Will follow their own preferences to some Car decoration make the Car more attractive environment beautiful. In addition, many people Will give their seat installed seat cover in order to protect the seat nice and clean, while improving the seat comfort, however, such an approach really okay?

After asking a lot of the old drivers, older drivers Will not find a lot to their Car seat plus seat cover, they say the reason really makes me sCared for a while, I’ll go back to the saddle seat cover removed! Why Is thIs?

In order to improve Car safety factor of the vehicle traveling, do a lot of measures to ensure the safety of the vehicle when the accident when the Car personnel. For example safety belts, airbags, and so the door crash beam. Our seat covers usually have a fixed tape, tied needed to fix the position of the seat, but the back seat of the Car’s airbags are usually in the back or side of the front seat, the seat cover if you seat cover, so that when sudden danger comes, Automotive airbag can not be normal quickly open, and even direct unable to open! So for the back seat, thIs Is fatal!

Second, the original design of the Car are to undergo a lot of tests, install seat covers Car seat Is likely to undermine the original design of the structure and can not experience the original texture of the seat. If the Car Is not so fixed and set a firm seat, when Cars with instability, sudden braking, may have resulted in the seat reminds slippery phenomenon, if not pay attention to the people behind, Is very likely to cause dangerous accidents hurt!

In addition, more importantly, in the production of Car seats are strict safety standards, but you can buy online or from the store of good-looking Car seat sets their quality Is not guaranteed, there are a lot of problems, not some production materials, if long-term use can cause the skin from acne or itchy skin and even cause damage to the body.

In my opinion, the seat does not need sets of seat covers, are the two main seat currently divided into leather and velvet. Leather seats having easy to clean and easy heat dIssipation characterIstics, as long as no needle knife sharp scIssors or the like was designated generally too problem does not occur. It’s a sense of stability flannel relatively strong, relatively non-slip, but it requires frequent cleaning, because it Is easier to hide stains, heat dIssipation Will be a little weaker.

Read so much, your Car with a Car cover also choose to do? Welcome to leave comments!