Why must start at the car in neutral? ThIs tells you a few examples, starting with block more terrible

As you know, almost all Cars must be in neutral to start. ThIs feature Is called “neutral start protection.” As long as the Car in gear, the starter circuit Is not turned on, the Car Will not start. The aim Is to prevent the Car from starting in gear, suddenly moving forward after the start, leading to dangerous. So how effective thIs function? Let me tell you my own experience.

years ago, one of my co-worker at a Gold Cup Car to check and make sure it Is not empty, he ran straight ahead, hit to a tree on the roadside.

and myself, when checking a liberation j6 fault, the gears are not confirmed, plus the driver brakes are no good, even if there Is no air pressure can not stop, start the Car and neutral switch bad the repairman directly to the shorted. When I turn on the key to the door, I feel bad, the Car started up, straight forward away, because brake clutch Is not good, so the Car uncontrolled rushed forward, I have no choice but to press direction, so it’s hanging in the hopper bucket truck, straining to pull the Car, the Car died. Then I have before me a deep, if not next to my Car, I could go on.

there Is a more terrible thing, wide-body passenger Car clutch mining Is inseparable, we need to change the barrel supports clutch plates. Akira shift lever I have many times on the train, make sure the gap. But its scope Is too vague, I really can not confirm that, to try to turn the key to start it, the result of the Car Is very easy to start, softly, and then rushed forward a little bit. I was sCared of the Car, in front of a group of people to work, the Car has no air pressure Is not controlled, they can not be closed, so the crowd rushed. I almost cried hoarse voice the Car, they did hear, beat a hasty retreat. I direct the Car crashed into a pillar repair shop. Vehicle weight over forty tons of Car repair workshop and knocked bang explosion, flames stopped. Fortunately, the front bumper of the Car Is too strong, and only a slight deformation of the other parts even without any damage.

more Car accidents are neutral start protection function failure due. You can see how important thIs feature. ThIs function Is performed by the neutral switch mounted on the gearbox. The neutralSwitch series in the starting circuit. Only when the transmIssion Is in neutral, to open, the starter to energize the starter; if the transmIssion Is in a gear neutral switch Will be turned off, Will not energize the starter, the starter Is not natural. In addition, many of the Cars are electronically controlled, the starting circuit Is also controlled by the electronic control unit. Neutral switch sends an electrical signal to the electronic control unit, the electronic control unit only after confirmation Is correct, the electronic control unit Will send a control signal to the starter circuit, so as to allow an engine start. If no neutral signal, the engine Will not start.

In fact, there are many models, especially a lot of trucks and garbage trucks, their neutral switch Is broken, the owners often do not repair or replace them, but directly to the neutral switch the two wires are connected together, so that the neutral switch does not work, the Car can start freely. Several recent incidents like thIs. So thIs Is very rIsky. However, if the Car in the field, because the neutral switch Is broken, the Car can not hit, we can use thIs method to respond to emergency situations, and so conditions must be promptly replaced.