Why most young people so fascinated by cars? Look at foreign riders answer it

When I worked at Morgan Stanley, one person, Tim, a medical doctor spends at least several million dollars, driving a 15-year-old BMW 3 Series convertible. I asked him Why he opened a piece of “junk.” I remember hIs answer very well. “I do not need Cars to make up my insecurities. I have a personality.” Now, thIs man does bring more than any other person I know more personality and energy trading floor. Why most young people so fascinated by Cars? Look at foreign riders answer it.

but hIs comment made me feel obsession for Cars with a deep thinking. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that – in general, driven by human insecurity, and those obsessed with driving flash Cars often because of their insecurity have thIs obsession. The Car Is the most obvious manifestation of wealth and success, frankly, thIs Is the main reason most people are fascinated.

ThIs Is Why I find those vehicles around the vehicle driving far less than their safety signs, which Is a way to relax logo – thIs It Is a very beautiful and attractive quality. As Kent puts it …… with wheels and a motor Car Is not just a tin can. For many people, it Is a status symbol, a “personal expression” project, a fashion statement,

I heard a dealer at the young lady said, “I Will look at how thIs Car?” a sex symbol ……. let’s face it, many young people first sexual experience occurred on the family Car …… Also, we like the time of motor racing almost Damlier garage on a “no-Carriage” as long. “Hey, it’s how fast?” So, by extension, when Vettel to get the checkered flag on the F1 circuit, we also want an honor … If we can afford a Ferrari. There Is no doubt that the Automotive industry to maximize every thing in advertIsing and marketing.

When did you see the truck ad did not emphasize the power of things, power and “masculinity”? Or “family Cars” such as advertIsingWhy not emphasize safety gear Carrying capacity and safety? Of course, high-end Car ads make attractive people doing attractive things, of course, you promIsed to attract women glamorous. Imagine a campfire, even wood burning fireplace – it caught our attention.

we can stare at it for a long time and found it fascinating in a very primitive subconscious level. I suspect that the fire struck a chord, which Is a control and safety reminders of ancient, dating back to our hunter – gatherer era. (Too?) I think the Car Is running our hearts in a similar manner. They represent freedom, control, rIsk.

master illusion environment. Car Is very emotional. How the machine Will be emotional? Man gets it, just as he mastered like fire. Car may be a profound expression of our exIstence. For me, the fascination / obsession extends to anything with a motor. Cars, planes, trains, boats, motorcycles, if it Is man-made and provides advance or make the job easier – I’m interested.

I have always been like thIs. I marvel at all of thIs. If you spend some time to understand the role of the modern Car, and the fact that millions of these creatures on earth and trouble-free roaming every day – thIs Is a minor miracle. Is not it worth a little obsessed?