Why Is there a triangular window on the car? The original and its role could be so great!

Carefully observe the comings and goings of these vehicles on the road, do not know we have not found such a phenomenon, that Is, on the average Car Will have a small triangular window, and thIs position Is either a small triangular window a vehicle body against the pillar, C pillar or Is close to the vehicle body. Not only that, another glass of drivers friends must know that the most expensive Automobile piece of glass? ThIs Is a small triangular window inside the glass. Today small Will take you to look at thIs small triangular window on the Car what role, Why it’s so expensive glass?


a triangular window

a: A pillar close to the triangular window

a column triangular window

first of all, we look at the a-pillar of the Car near the triangle windows, its exact location Is in front of the Car door, and close such a position on the rearview mirror, set triangular windows in thIs place, the main purpose Is to give motorIsts, provide a wider field of vIsion, to avoid the ramp up bar Car windows and Car windshields, blocking the line of sight of the driver of the Car, especially when cornering, if your Car has the triangular window, your security Will be greatly enhanced. At the same time, there Is a triangular A-pillar windows, but also to the brightness in the Car becomes brighter. In addition, the triangular A-pillar windows Will keep the vehicle in front of the window lift balance.

bIs: close to the C-pillar triangular window

C-pillar triangular window

further there Is a Car triangular window, its position Is in thIs position rear door C-pillar of the Car, in fact, triangular window of the C-pillars and the front door of the Car about the same, the Car Is to provide vIsion. But more rear triangular window in order to provide a perspective of the driver when reversing. However, because many Cars now have a reverse image or panorama 360 degrees. Therefore, the rear triangular window has been phased out, and in the current popular floating roof, Is the best show.

III: other effects triangular windows

was suspendedTruck window

Just now, we talked to the floating roof canceled triangular window of the rear door of the problem. In fact, here we must mention that there Is a triangular windows, to some extent, protect the firmness of the roof structure of the Car. Because the extent of the triangle of forces Is not only huge but also stable. ThIs Is Why, in life, many of the old structures of objects using the triangular structure, as large as the old bridge, a small table and chairs. So another role triangle window Is to stabilize the roof in order to protect the huge impact of the case to protect the integrity of the body structure in order to protect the safety of passengers.


In short, the pity Is, now more Cars in order to change the marketing a lot of. For example, the rear triangular windows canceled, replaced by floating roof shape. The Car side to do so Will greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance, but the force stability of the structure Will be reduced. You Is how to treat thIs small triangular window it? You can give us a message at the bottom of the article to interact.