Why Is there a car cigarette lighter? Really do with a cigarette lighter? After reading Is really an eye-opener

Now we see a variety of Cars can be described, there Is a very high-end Car, there are usually our common ordinary Car. As in recent years the number of Cars for the growing demand, Car manufacturers also continue to increase their production models. With the development of technology, many manufacturers have to make their Car unique in its performance. Or a lot of Cars are fitted with a more user-friendly device.

when the Car just started to enter the public’s perspective, the only Car but it Is a tool used means of transport, nothing more, nothing special request. But in our increasingly development today, the Car’s functions can be more than just a means of transport Will be able to meet up. The development of technology has also led to a lot of functions of the Car, but also to some extent the great convenience of the occupant, the driver’s experience. Pay more attention to Car occupant comfort, not just a means of transport only.

Of course, we all know, our country Is a smoking populous country, a lot of people are smoking. The emergence of a large number of Cars, but also led to a lot of people smoking while driving. ThIs time Is provided an apparatus for the vehicle seemingly cigarette. We think it Will for the time being. ThIs Is convenient for a lot of people smoke ah. When driving the windows have wind came in, lit cigarette lighter Is not easy, and thIs “cigarette lighter device” on the Car, but very convenient, but also to some extent, reduce the rIsk of a large part. In high summer temperatures, the Car’s cigarette lighter Is a big rIsk, the Car’s cigarette lighter Is easy to explode. Causing unnecessary losses.

So Why Is there a Car cigarette lighter? Really do with a cigarette lighter? It really Is a device cigarette lighter do? actually not. ThIs Is a vehicle-mounted external charging port, so long as a vehicle can be charged in the inverter to other devices. He was able to put the Car DC into AC which can achieve some small devices to our mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and other charge. Now the cigarette lighter has gradually evolved into an important tool for the charge, which Is not yet on board to get rid of thIs deviceOne of the important reasons.

Well, now a lot of people have pulled out a cigarette lighter, it Is directly exposed to the interior of the Car. In fact, thIs Is wrong, thIs Will result in foreign objects into the device, if inadvertently connected to the positive and negative, Will lead to the vehicle fuse Is blown. Severe cases may result in heat, even spontaneous combustion.