Why Is the trend of new energy vehicles

American U.S. Automotive industry with the strong support of national industrial policy, springing up in general from small to big, from big to strong, some of the development layout early, invest large resources to leading companies such as BYD only in the domestic new energy industry occupation opportunities, but at the same time to master the necessary industrial development of electric vehicle batteries, motors, electrical control and IBGT core chip technology, which Is at the same time to master the core technology of a company, even look at the world, Is the only one.

Automotive industry since the advent of the invention has gone through a hundred years, although the above technical advances, but thIs change Is mainly concentrated in the comfort and handling stability nature, increasingly rich and intelligent configuration to improve the safety factor, more and more fashionable-looking color value terms, in line with the modern aesthetic, but the only power source for oil energy has never changed.

With the accelerated pace of life, highly Automated Automobile manufacturing industry, Automotive also has become a modern necessity, only domestic nearest 30 million annual passenger Car sales, by the end of 2019, Car ownership in U.S. Is to reach 2,4 million units, so the amount of days of fuel in the Car to bring convenience to people’s lives, but also because a large number of exhaust emIssions to increase a lot of environmental management difficulty, haze enveloped the northern region throughout the year, people look forward to the mountains and fresh air of growing surge, so that environmental protection Is an important factor in the United States take the road of new energy vehicles, many people may want to say that the new energy electric vehicles electricity, most of the domestic power generation Is coal-fired power plants, coal Will pollute, since coal oil Will be contaminated, Why did they have electricity? ThIs Is what I Will focus on analysIs, yes, coal-fired power plants use coal does, but now with the improvement of domestic environmental protection equipment and technology, focusing on environmental management may well improve environmental performance, and extensive use of clean coal, but also to pollution now getting lower and lower, but Automobile exhaust has been more difficult to control, hundreds of millions of sets of hundreds of millions of Cars chimney, how to govern? Each Car Is equipped impossible back hundreds of thousands of millions of environmental protection equipment, right?

United States Is now more than 60 percent of its oil imports, while most of the political instability in oil-exporting region, Issues of war and geopolitical tensions often shrouded in the region, coupled with currently oil imports mustTo go through the Malacca Strait area, the region Western countries have considerable right to speak, due to the strength of the United States increasingly powerful Western countries to slow down and stop the United States the pace of development Is bound to continue obstacles or wanton finding fault, for America’s oil security and development pose a serious threat, which Is to the country’s energy security had to walk the road of development the United States the development of new energy vehicles.

US Auto industry from the beginning of 1953, FAW, through nearly 65 years, the middle there Is a long time wandering development, but relative to a Western country 100 years of hIstory, domestic always playing catch-up position, especially in the chassIs tuning, engine, gearbox performance fuel trucks gap Is quite obvious, but the short-term thIs situation can not be reversed, and now the prospect of new energy vehicles become increasingly clear, foreign countries have introduced fuel vehicles shutdown schedule, as the second largest economy in the world, with a sound R & D, manufacturing systems, Why not ahead of the layout of the new runway, which might even turn to overtake, leading the trend, it turns out, the United States does We have done that, domestic brands such as BYD, four consecutive years of global sales champion of new energy vehicles, electric buses are sold in more than 60 countries and more than 200 cities worldwide, including Japan and South Korea BritIsh and French Canada and other developed countries and regions, a new core product strategy Tang Is to become Auto giant Volkswagen, Toyota’s research learning object.

new energy vehicles cloud rail tracks available on a global shock, even under the five cities overseas markets, the US high-end wIsdom made abroad glory for the country.

2020 has kicked off, although the policy of new energy vehicles based on the amount of subsidies Will decline. But I think thIs Is a matter of opportunities and rIsks, for every one who Is life and death decIsions, but the core technology, already put on a jacket prepared Car prices Is an opportunity, BYD Will launch thIs year, more than a dozen new models, while insIsting in the field of U.S. Automotive batteries batteries lifetime warranty thIs solemn promIse to the people a reassurance to illuminate the truth of thIs industry forward.