Why Is not the car to save money and materials to design the exhaust pipe in front of it? These reasons

Hello, everyone, I am a “Car of the pain.” Yesterday tell you a bit mean, and three colors of light on the dashboard of our representatives when lit indicators represent a variety of means, and then I came today to talk about Why we should exhaust pipe design the reason behind the Car! Friends who are interested can look at Oh! There are more questions later and we can dIscuss!

Until now, we produce all the Car exhaust pipe are designed in the back of the Car, not even a Car’s exhaust pipe design in our Cars front, thIs Is Why? Stands to reason that we are now in front of an Automobile engine are generally, Why not put in front of the Car exhaust pipe design it? ThIs Will not only save material, but also save money, Why not do? Car designers designed for a reason, do not believe we take a look!

1, to reduce noIse

As we all know, our Car exhaust pipe there are installed on the muffler, but also more than one, and now most of the Cars are equipped with two muffler, a muffler and secondary muffler. Our exhaust gas from the engine, due to too much pressure, flow rate Is too fast, it Will have a greater voice, which we need a muffler to reduce these sounds, to reduce noIse, make our city more environmentally friendly. Automobile exhaust pipe Is composed of two different lengths of pipes, and then these two separate pipes to the intersection, half the wavelength of the acoustic wave due to the length difference Is equal to the two pipes emitted by motor vehicles, so that two acoustic waves occurs when superimposed mutual interference cancellation sound intensity Is weakened, so that the sound reduction, to achieve the effect of the silencer, the silencer so that the exhaust pipe are generally done. If the exhaust pipe Is mounted in front of the Car, then there Is not enough to achieve the effect of the length of the pipe of the silencer. So loud Car exhaust emIssions, noIse pollution Is very serious.

2, reduce harmful gas emIssions

we have the exhaust pipe mounted catalytic converters, exhaust gas may be HC, CO oxidation, but also to the reduction of NOx in the exhaust gas to harmless nitrogen and oxygen, Effectively reducing harmful gas emIssions. And also installed on the exhaust system of an exhaust gas recirculation system, the exhaust gas can be reused, reducing emIssions, but also increase certain properties of the vehicle. If the exhaust pipe Is mounted in the front of the vehicle mounting space or no space Is relatively small three-way catalyst, unfavorable installation.

3, the working temperature of the catalytic device

have a three-way catalyst better working environment in order to play a good role, its operating temperature have certain requirements, it Is good to be able to work at about 400 degrees, when the temperature of exhaust gas dIscharged from the engine Is very high, it Is necessary to increase the exhaust gas length of the tube to reach its working temperature required. When mounted directly in front of the exhaust pipe, the higher the exhaust gas temperature of the exhaust, catalytic converters can not effectively work, the catalytic effect becomes poor.

4, lowering the temperature of the exhaust gas, reduce the rIsk of

in the combustion chamber of the engine exhaust gas temperature produced by combustion Is very high, which requires a long time to reduce the temperature of the gas, if we directly mounted on the exhaust pipe then the front of the Car Is generated from the exhaust to the dIscharge time Is very short, which makes exhaust gas temperature Is particularly high, the rIsk Is even higher. An exhaust pipe mounted on the back of the Car to increase the effective time to produce exhaust gas, effectively reducing the temperature at which the gas Is dIscharged, reducing the rIsk.

5, beautiful

Now society Is a pursuit of beauty in society, if we the exhaust pipe installed in front of our Car, so inevitably there Is a pipeline from the front expenses, and also excludes gas, which greatly affected the appearance of our front. And we exhaust sometimes with a certain taste, the Car in front of the exhaust open when you need to experience their own taste! So thIs Is one of the reasons the exhaust pipe Why Is mounted at the rear of the Car.

Through the aboveShare I believe we have a certain understanding of thIs Issue, If you share my interest to welcome you for your attention Oh! There are different views are also welcome to dIscuss the message Oh! And there are more useful for everyone to share Oh!