Why have carbon car, motorcycle very few coke?

Car much Carbon we heard, but the situation could hear the motorcycle coke rarely even heard of, so all the same the use of a motor vehicle engine, Why motorcycle coke much less than the Car it!

Why motorcycle Carbon Is much less than a Car?

usually Car engine during normal driving speed of about two to three thousand revolutions, usually in about six motorcycles five thousand on a Car engine that has to get into the red-light dIstrict. Level directly determines the speed of the oil combustion, unburned portion depositing cylinders, pIstons and other parts of Carbon formation, driving habits due to domestic, high gear, but also a low throttle invIsible damage, so suitable to allow the engine roar Get up!

What problems Will arIse after the motorcycle coke?

more Carbon motorcycle, leads to difficult to start, easy to stall, poor idling, power down, engine surge, emIssions are poor symptoms , or even appear engine “pre-ignition”, “knock”, after falling down coke Will produce serious pulling cylinder, the mechanical life Is much shorter. Especially two-stroke engines, two-stroke engine oil due to participate in the combustion, therefore, the accumulation of Carbon deposits in the engine to be more than four-stroke engines, not timely removal of Carbon deposits Will accumulate more and more, not only Will the compression ratio spontaneous combustion increases, the combustion chamber and the pIston crown Will become hot coke point (i.e., hot spots).

after motorcycle Carbon deposition should be how to solve?

If the owner strong hands, available blade, a screwdriver, and old bamboo blade tip removes Carbon type. The cylinder head of the combustion chamber Carbon deposits, and the tip can hold rubbed semicircular serrated blade for eradication; the cylinder block of the coke dIscharge port Is available bamboo class or removed with a screwdriver tip, but note, Do not bruIse the cylinder wall. PIston ring pIston ring groove Carbon can be used to break the same model scrape. In the operation should be Careful not to scratch the pIston ring notch. After the coke clear, usable metallographic sandpaper scratches on the pIston ring groove wear, Finally with kerosene or gasoline (preferably with kerosene, because it Is strong permeability) all parts cleaned before the assembly line. The ability of the requirements are particularly high, not a professional Is best not to do, or it may make engine parts damage, more harm than good.

Further lorry hexagon socket may also be used to remove the spark plug, with a cutting blade, gently scrape the inside and outside of the spark plug high voltage electrode Carbon, then , cleaning with gasoline until white. If there are pile soot around the anode, should clear the patient by means of thin steel wire. Special attention, do not hurt the spark plug surface, otherwIse, the plot soon.